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Cooper Mountain Vineyards

Cooper Mountain Vineyards We're not your standard winery. We're not even your standard Oregon winery, if there is such a thing. You won't often hear us make grand statements such as "Producers of Premium Pinot Noir" or "The finest wines from the finest vines," even though both are true. You see, while we are willing to do things that are unheard of in the wine industry, we are pretty down to earth, relaxed and comfortable, like an old pair of jeans. Once considered a bit eccentric, or "crazy" if you will, Cooper Mountain Vineyards today is recognized as an innovative leader in a vineyard movement that rapidly is gaining acceptance. Biodynamic® farming has an increasingly important role in vineyard and winery management. The practices that once seemed to have little benefit finally are being understood. On the forefront of this effort is Dr. Robert j. Gross, the owner of our vineyards and winery, and Gerry Sanchez, our vineyard manager. Why are Biodynamic® practices relevant? The use of natural preparations, rather than manmade chemicals, works to enhance the vines by repairing and building our soils to provide ideal growing conditions. Beneficial cover crops grow naturally and encourage equally beneficial insects. Our soil samples reveal active microorganisms that are of great benefit to soil environment. This site gets into more detail if you wish to read on, but suffice to say that Biodynamic® practices work to support terroir — the French term for all of a vineyard’s characteristics that help shape a wine. These practices, in the end — in the bottle — result in wines that truly represent their roots.


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9480 SW Grabhorn Road, Beaverton, OR, US, 97007 Email:
Phone: 503-649-0027 Web:
Fax: 503-649-0702
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