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Plum Creek Cellars

Plum Creek Cellars Founded in 1984, Plum Creek Cellars pioneered the effort of producing fine wines exclusively from grapes grown in Colorado. With 55 acres of vineyards planted in the state's premier fruit-growing areas--Palisade and Paonia--Plum Creek focuses on growing grapes in the areas best suited for each varietal. Winemakers Jenne Baldwin and Erik Bruner (emeritus) share more than 25 years' experience and expertise in making wine. Recognizing the quality of Plum Creek wines, judges in international, national and regional competitions have awarded more than 325 medals to the winery. Relax and enjoy the wide variety of Plum Creek wines in the tasting room, on the cool, covered patio or at the picnic area. Sumptuous lavender, flowers and trees grace the grounds of the winery. A warm, inviting atmosphere greets tasting room visitors, who can sample European-style wines amid antique furniture, Oriental rugs and fine art. Winery tours are avaiable (for large groups, by appointment). Look for the metal sculpture, "Chardonnay Chicken," at the entrance of the winery.

From I-70, south at exit 42 - Palisade 1 mile, then west 1/2 mile.

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3708 G Road, Palisade, CO, US, 81526 Email:
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  Cabernet Franc
The hand-harvested grapes were grown in our Grand Mesa Vineyard overlooking the Colorado River. At nearly 200 feet above the river valley our vineyard benefits from the canyon breezes, moderating vineyard temperatures during the sometimes hot summers of western Colorado. The vineyard is surrounded by pear, peach and apple orchards, a testament to the fact the area is a perfect environment for optimum fruit growing. Our production was limited to 2.5 tons per acre. Earthy scents of black currant and raspberry are accented with oaky tones in Plum Creek's Cabernet Franc. The wine was aged 11 months in French and Hungarian oak barrels to heighten the wine's intense chocolate and vanilla finish.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Grown on a mesa-topped vineyard with a unique terroir, our grapes were carefully selected during the hand harvest to achieve the richness and balance associated with our Cabernet Sauvignon. We farm the vineyard with an objective of limiting production to 2 to 3 tons per acre in order to produce grapes of unusual concentration, purity of flavor and vibrancy. Typically luscious with an elegant tannin structure our Cabernet Sauvignon is full-bodied and ready to drink now, yet promising great aging potential. Tones of ripe cherries, sweet raspberries and earth lead into a wine packed with rich caramel and tobacco nuances.This wine is superbly balanced, refined and long on the finish.
  Colorado Chardonnay
This is a clean, crisp style of Chardonnay softened by a trace of new French oak. Because the wine is partially barrel fermented and aged in barrel four months, the oak finish is subdued, yet refined. The oak aging adds vanillin to the wine, almost giving the perception of sweetness. Partial malolactic fermentation plays counterpoint to the accented finish. Vivid tropical-fruit flavors of pineapple and citrus are heightened by tones of crisp apple and pear. The palate-cleansing acidity complements a silky, fruit-forward texture which pairs beautifully with salmon, chicken and an assortment of cheeses. Vineyards in Palisade and Paonia are the source of grapes for our 2003 Colorado Chardonnay.
  Dessert Sangiovese
Grand Valley AVA An unexpected hail storm swept through our Somerset Vineyard just before the Sangiovese grapes were to be harvested, fracturing the berries on the west side of the vines. Although not ripe enough to make a bold, tannic Sangiovese, the grapes were perfect for a lighter-colored, port-styled wine. Not all dessert wines are intensely sweet. An excellent example of this is our dessert Sangiovese. The wine was aged in oak barrels for more than 2 years, and this slow aging process helped marry the flavors together, producing a spectacular wine. This dessert wine is only slightly sweet. It offers complex aromas of raspberry and cherry with a slight spicy vanilla and oak finish. This dessert wine is 100% Sangiovese and is not fortified.
  Grand Mesa
Named for the world’s largest flattop mountain, our 2001 Grand Mesa is an opulent blend with an elegant, richly textured and lingering finish. Grand Mesa is a special reserve, estate-grown blend of grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon (40%), Cabernet Franc (31%) and Merlot (29%). The grapes were harvested by hand and fermented in small lots with gentle handling. The wine’s multi-layer flavors are redolent of ripe berry and deep cherry notes laced with smoke, leather and cedar. This supple wine presents a generous velvety structure with complex oak tones of spice and vanilla, resulting in a wine that is intensely complex, yet silky, rich and firm.
We crafted this wine to be soft and approachable, but still a structured, classic Merlot. The wine shows a lovely concentration of jammy fruit with a lingering, elegant finish complemented by softer, well-integrated tannins. Spicy scents of ripe raspberry and candied sweet pie cherries accentuate this velvety smooth Merlot. It is nearly 100% Merlot with only a trace of Cabernet Franc blended in to add structure and complex, earthy scents of black currant. Hints of oak and vanilla on the finish add to the overall smoothness of the wine. This medium-bodied wine is drinkable now, but will reward bottle aging for at least 5 to 7 years.
  Palisade Red
This is a handcrafted blend of Merlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. As with all our wines, the grapes were hand-picked and grown in small Palisade vineyards which have well-drained soils. This balanced wine supports a complex range of aromas and flavors. Merlot and Cabernet Franc add structure and complex fruit. Pinot Noir softens the wine’s tannic structure, and Sangiovese provides an acidic accent with notes of strawberry, cherry and pomegranate. Palisade Red yields complicated scents of sweet pie cherries and raspberries. The ripe fruit character is surrounded by oak tones of leather and vanilla. Seeking softer tannins and very broad, full mid-palate flavors we crafted this medium-bodied wine to be enjoyable now.
  Palisade Rosé
Palisade Rosé is a light, semi-sweet Colorado wine made in the traditional style of great Rosé. The grapes are pressed as soon as they arrive in the cellar. The juice is left a very short time in contact with the grape skins in order to give the wine a delicate color. Merlot grapes from our Somerset Vineyard give a fruity and lively character to this handcrafted wine. A rich viscosity enhances the wine’s silky smoothness. Luscious strawberry and cherry tones abound in the nose and on the palate.
  Redstone Reserve Chardonnay
The hand-harvested grapes were grown in our Redstone Vineyard at a commanding vista of 5,800 feet in altitude. The long, cool growing season creates intensely flavored fruit which holds its acidity very well. Our Redstone Reserve Chardonnay is harvested late in the season. The mountain climate of the Paonia area creates this sterling example of a crisply structured and richly flavored Chardonnay reminiscent of French white burgundies. The wine was 100% barrel fermented at cool temperatures to preserve the unique fruit flavors. Partial malolactic fermentation adds a rich texture and softens the wine, but the acidic balance keeps the wine vibrant on the palate. Aging in American and Hungarian oak barrels accentuates the wine’s buttery, nutty aromas. Spicy apple flavors enhance the lingering finish.
  Redstone Reserve Merlot
Our Redstone reserve Merlot comes from one of the oldest vineyards in Colorado. Earthy scents of ripe cherries accented with anise and leather make a superb, full-bodied Merlot. Our Redstone Reserve Merlot is smooth and sensuous from extended oak-barrel aging. At once powerful and elegant, it has ripe black cherry fruit flavors integrated with rounded tannins that culminate in a supple, long finish that hints of blackberry, spice and a subtle overlay of oak. A small amount of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon were blended in to enhance the wine’s complexity.
Riesling vines are tolerant of cold weather and thus are well-suited to Colorado’s cool mountain climate. Thriving on plenty of high-altitude sunlight our Riesling grapes are grown in small vineyards in Delta and Mesa counties and are hand-harvested at their optimum ripeness. This vibrant wine shines with a light-gold color. Abundant scents of apricot, peach and orange blossom epitomize the distinctive character of our German-style Riesling. Floral aromas are brightened by a lingering, sweet-tart finish of apple, pear and citrus. An excellent structure and balance make this wine ideal to pair with food. It is also a lovely sipping wine all by itself.
  Riesling Special Reserve
Our Riesling Special Reserve is made from 100% Riesling grapes which are picked by hand. Riesling’s high natural level of tartaric acid enables it to balance even high levels of residual sugar. Production of this wine is extremely limited. Vibrant floral scents are distinctively accented with ripe apricot and peach. Our Riesling Special Reserve is fairly bursting with flavors of peaches, spiced pears, apple and honey. It has an uplifting orange-citrus fruitiness whose sweetness accentuates the rich, lingering texture of this well-balanced wine. Deeply golden-hued, this elegant, concentrated wine is the perfect dessert wine for those who enjoy an ultra-sweet finish to dinner.
Sangiovese is a vigorous vine, setting more fruit than it can ripen properly, so we thin throughout the growing season in order to concentrate the flavors in the remaining fruit. A smoother, softer red wine, Plum Creek’s Sangiovese is balanced, rich and harmonious. With a ruby-violet color this wine shows focused scents of strawberries and pomegranate, balanced with a delicate French oak finish. A small amount of Cabernet Franc was blended in for structure and complexity, adding to the wine’s ripe fruit character of spring cherry and raspberry. In Chianti-like fashion our Sangiovese offers light to medium tannins. Sangiovese’s inherent high acidity results in a lively, fresh wine which complements a wide variety of foods.
  Sauvignon Blanc
To capture the herbal fruit essence of the Sauvignon Blanc grape we are committed to hand harvesting. The wine was cold fermented with neither oak nor malolactic fermentation influence to enhance the varietal flavors. Our Sauvignon Blanc sparkles with a brilliant straw-gold color. Medium bodied, the wine is filled with complicated floral flavors of fresh melon, fig and lemon-citrus with a trace of clove and accented by a steely, dry finish. As a delightful alternative to Chardonnay, this wine is prized for its freshness and versatility. It will complement a wide variety of foods, including seafood and fish.
  Somerset Harvest
Somerset is 100% Merlot with fruity, grape scents highlighted by a lingering, sweet finish. We allowed the Merlot grapes on our Somerset Vineyard outside Palisade to ripen an additional four weeks after the rest of the vineyard was picked. During that time the grape sugars rose to 30 degrees Brix. The wine was fermented with no skin contact, resulting in a natural light-salmon “blush” to the wine. Fresh floral scents with ripe strawberries and black cherries come through in the nose. The balance is superb, making it an excellent choice of a variety of sipping situations, from aperitif to dessert-in-a-glass coupled with fresh fruit or dark chocolate.
Our winemaking philosophy of concentrating the varietal characteristics and producing wines of distinction is embodied in our 2002 Syrah. Dark ruby in color, this Syrah is a complex, bold red wine made in an inky, jammy style. Flavors revolve around ripe blackberry and cherry with a spicy, nutty aroma that is very characteristic of the varietal. The wine was aged in American oak barrels for 20 months, keeping the wood nuances integrated and balanced. A lingering caramel, honeyed finish is laced with tones of coffee and earth. This is a full-bodied wine with medium tannins, and the mouth feel is lush, rich and concentrated. We hope you enjoy this new addition to our family of wines.


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