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Old World Winery

Old World Winery During his seven years as vineyard manager at Everett Ridge Vineyards and Winery, Darek was a certified grower for Demeter Biodynamic and CCOF Organic. During this tenure Darek experienced many different unconventional methods of growing grapevines without chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. There are two approaches to growing a plant: Pest Negative and Plant Positive. The conventional approach is Pest Negative, in which the pest is killed or removed. The Plant Positive approach supports the health and natural immune-response of the plant by using the appropriate soil amendment, fertilizer, and/or foliar nutrient. The Biodynamic Preparations, Sea Kelp, Fish Emulsion, and Compost are some of the appropriate natural means we use to support the plant’s health. A healthy plant produces compounds that naturally help it evade outbreaks of insects and disease; these compounds are also those found to help the human heart such as Resveritrol and the aspirin relative Salicilic acid. Healthy plants produce pure, disease free fruit which we believe tastes better! Our Farming Technique also focuses on watershed management, forest preservation, and wildlife habitat as important components of the farm. These natural buffers preserve biodiversity which makes it hard for any one organism to take over within the ecosystem. They also allow for ground water replenishment and provide the beauty you enjoy when you visit the farm! These components of the farming technique allow for the individualistic nature of the vineyard sites from which we make wine. The terrain, natural buffers, forests, and waterways all combine to create conditions that define the microclimate which then defines the flavor profiles produced by the plant within an Appelation. We believe that ecologically grown healthy grapevines become more sensitive to these influences and the result is the most individual tasting experience a vineyard can accomplish! We have chosen the most spectacular vineyard sites we can find with the criteria that they be owned and operated by the grower, and in most cases have been farms/ranches that have been passed down through the family for several generations. All our growers agree to the above criteria and work towards implementing them fully.


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  Cabernet Sauvignon, Two Rock Block
A brooding Cabernet Sauvignon from Bei du Rocchi Ranch in the true Sonoma Coast just outside the twon of Cazadero.
  Chardonnay, Tweek Block
Barrel fermented Sonoma Coast Chardonnay with a twist.
  Field Blend
A classic California blend of Zinfandel and Petite Sirah from the Dry Creek Valley.
  Pinot Noir, Sterling Family Vineyard
A classic cool-climate Pinot Noir which displays the savory and earthy side of the grape.
  Rose, White Knight
A Cabernet Sauvignon rose from the Russian River Valley produced in a low alcohol and dry style.
  Sauvignon Blanc, Bon Temps LeBlanc
A creamy and tropical Sauvignon Blanc sourced from the Redwood Valley and the Dry Creek Valley.
  Syrah, Rockin R Ranch
A bright, fruit-forward Mendocino Syrah with earthy undertones.
  Zinfandel, Laughlin Vineyard
A big, ripe, classic California Zinfandel from the Russian River Valley


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