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LangeTwins Wine Estates

LangeTwins Wine Estates During the 1870’s our Great-Grandparents, Johann and Maria Lange, settled in Lodi and began a family farm growing non-irrigated watermelons with their son, Grandpa Albert. The farm grew year over year and by 1916 we had our family’s first grape-ranch. It was on this ranch where our dad, Harold, was born in 1920. Just like his father, it was natural for Dad to work with Grandpa to gain experience in order to carry on our family’s agricultural roots. Grandpa and Dad’s farm expanded to include the River Ranch and the DeVries Road Ranch, where we were raised. We continued the tradition of working the vineyards and in 1974 we decided to farm on our own. It was an exciting time for us because as we grew our business, our family grew as well. We were both married (Randall to Charlene and Brad to Susan) and by 1982 the fifth generation was here! Between our families we have five kids — Marissa, Aaron, Philip, Kendra and Joe. As the kids grew up on the River Ranch they developed an appreciation for winegrowing by working summers and harvest with us. After college they each decided to come back to the family farm, so we took the next step and built a winery in 2006. Today we all have unique responsibilities within the winery and viticulture teams, continuing our agricultural roots and growing our winery and wine brands. As fifth generation winegrowers we look forward to working with the sixth!

We are located just North of Lodi, on the corner of Lower Sacramento Road and Jahant Road

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1525 East Jahant Road, Acampo, CA, US, 95220 Email:
Phone: 209-334-9780 Web:
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  Circles Edge Cabernet Sauvignon
Concentrated essence of plum and ripe fruit with sotto voce oak notes define the aroma of this wine. Extended maceration of the fruit during fermentation gives the palate a natural richness with broad mouth-filling tannins, and oak barrel aging creates hints of spice and cedar.
  Circles Edge Chardonnay
Expressive, bright citrus and green apple flavors highlight this wine’s complex aroma and palate. A refreshing style of wine made using long, cool tank fermentation to retain the essence of fruit that only a Chardonnay grape can deliver.
  Circles Edge Merlot
Rich black cherry and raspberry fruit notes weave through soft, integrated tannins to create a medium-body wine with bright, vibrant color yet a soft palate feel. Subtle oak aging adds a touch of nuance to the wine without compromising the natural flavors unique to Merlot.
  LangeTwins Cabernet Sauvignon
A deep, warm red color greets the senses followed by a complex aroma of ripe plum and black olive flavors integrated with oak accents of spice and cedar from barrel-aging. Extended maceration gives the palate a natural richness with broad yet developed tannins. A touch of Merlot adds fruit expression and Petite Verdot creates added dimension.
  LangeTwins Chardonnay
Crafted from grapes harvested in both the Delta Region and the Lodi Appellation, our Chardonnay has ripe, tropical fruit flavors of pineapple and banana complemented by a creamy, textured palate with a long finish from sur-lie aging. A subtle blending of Viognier adds layers of spice and perfume, and native yeast and barrel fermentation finishes the warm style.
  LangeTwins Merlot
Created from grapes grown in the Delta Region, our Merlot has a welcoming aroma of rich black cherry fruit with notes of chocolate and vanilla spice from oak aging. The blending of a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Verdot, makes the tannins more complex, leaving the impression of a wine with weight but no rough edges.
  LangeTwins Midnight Reserve
Midnight Reserve is a wine crafted from the classic Bordeaux red winegrape varietals proudly grown in the Lodi region: Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Merlot. All four varietals were crafted as individual wines and allowed to mature independently in small French and American oak barrels. As each varietal imbues the wine its own signature and provides layers of unique flavors, the art is in blending these wines so they enhance without diminishing the independent varietals. Thus, the creation of this Bordeaux red wine is one of our most intricate winemaking masterpieces to date.
  LangeTwins Sauvignon Blanc
Our Sauvignon Blanc is grown just walking distance from the winery on the edge of Jahant Creek. It opens with a mellow citrus aroma and a well balanced creamy texture pleases the palate. A crisp Meyer lemon note blended with honeydew melon gives the Sauvignon Blanc a refreshing fruit flavor, and sur-lie aging brings forth a creamy textured palate for a long finish.


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