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Domaine St George Winery & Vineyard

Domaine St George Winery & Vineyard Domaine Saint George Winery is a working winery located in the heart of Sonoma County. It is dedicated to the production of high-quality wine varieties from various vineyards in Sonoma County and other prestigious wine regions of California. From vineyard to winery, quality is the first priority at Domaine Saint George. In the vineyard, grapes are carefully chosen based on our winemaker's recommendations and specifications. In the state-of-the-art cellar, wines are handled with only the utmost care and expertise. Each lot is handled separately, ensuring that it develops to its maximum potential. Blending is seen as an art, resulting in wines with great complexity and finesse.


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1141 Grant Avenue, Healdsburg, CA, US, 95448 Email:
Phone: 707-433-5508 Web:
Fax: 707-433-5736
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  Bouchon Cabernet
Our Winemaker selects Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the finest growing regions in California and personally supervises the vinification and careful aging of the wine until it is perfected and bottled. This wine has a distinctive, hearty flavor and is rich and full-bodied, with a smooth finish. Such a wine will honor your guests when you serve it with your favorite full-flavored dishes.
  Bouchon Chardonnay
Our Winemaker selects Chardonnay grapes from the finest growing regions in California and personally supervises the vinification and careful aging of the wine until it is bottled. This wine has the fruitiness and elegance of fine Chardonnay; it is soft on the palate, with a delicate aftertaste. Such a wine will honor your guests when you serve it with light and mild-flavored foods.
  Bouchon Cuvee Blanc
From the best vineyards, selected white grapes are brought to the Bouchon winery to be crushed, pressed, and made into wine. Bouchon Cuvee Blanc has delicate, fragrant aromas and crisp flavors. Served lightly chilled, it is delightful by itself or served with dishes like chicken or seafood. Your friends and guests will find this wine a pleasant addition to your meals.
  Bouchon Red Cuvee
Premium red grapes are fermented slowly at a moderate temperature, allowing robust flavors to develop. To further enhance the flavor of the finished wine, it is aged in barrels. Bouchon Red Cuvee has attractive full, fruity flavors and a rich lasting taste. Serve it at cool room temperature with meat dishes or noodles. Your family will enjoy this traditional red wine with many foods.
  Silverstone Cabernet
Notes of cherry and chocolate combine with sweet toasty oak for this full-flavored wine with a long, complex finish.
  Silverstone Chardonnay
Deep straw color with classic ripe Chardonnay aromas of pineapple, and citrus notes accenting grapefruit, lemon and tangerine. Vanilla and spice notes from the oak regimen combine to create a medium bodied wine with a silky mouth feel and a memorable finish.
  Silverstone Merlot
Notes of raspberry, strawberry combine with the aroma of sweet oak for this medium bodied wine with a smooth and long finish.
  Silverstone Shiraz
Deep ruby color with purple highlights. Cherry and red and black berry aromas predominate in the nase. On the palate, the fruity notes are accented by sweet oak notes. Smooth tannins provide a full-mouth feel and a satisfying medium finish.
  St. George Barrel Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Barrel Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon reveals a light and skillful touch: it shows a complex varietal fruitiness without being blatant or heavy. Barrel Reserve has a round, smooth finish and is an excellent companion to richly flavored foods.
  St. George Barrel Reserve Chardonnay
Barrel Reserve Chardonnay clearly communicates the character of the grape. The wine is barrel-fermented and barrel aged but it reflects the oak contact only subtly: it is round, full and smooth with ample fruit and without heaviness. Barrel Reserve Chardonnay accompanies a wide range of light foods remarkably well.
  St. George Barrel Reserve Merlot
Barrel Reserve Merlot is a smooth, rich wine, showing attractive fruitiness and the subtle complexity that derives from barrel ageing. This Merlot shows very well with a variety of dishes from poultry and pork to beef.
  St. George Coastal Cabernet Sauvignon
Richly flavored with its black currant and mint aromas. Velvety and soft yet intense on the palate, and lingering berry flavors.
  St. George Coastal Chardonnay
Balanced aging in stainless steel and small oak barrels creates a supple, full-flavored Chardonnay. Straw gold color; bright citrus and pineapple aromas, rich texture in the mouth and a long, creamy finish.
  St. George Coastal Merlot
Rich black cherry aromas are followed by lush fruit flavors with hints of oak and vanilla. Full-flavored in the classic Merlot style, this wine is soft on the palate, with a long finish.
  St. George Coastal Syrah
Intense red hues with toasty oak aromas. Medium bodied with charming berry fruitiness and spicy character.
  St. George Proprietor's Red
Proprietor's Red Wine bears the stamp of Winemaker Bob Fredson, who has access to a wide range of outstanding wines. He selects several cuvèes of premium varietal wines - often from more than one vintage and from several wine growing regions - to achieve a unique style of blended red wine which is widely popular. Rich and full-flavored, it is consistent from vintage to vintage. "A fruity bouquet; hearty and smooth with a soft, clean finish. Superb with rack of lamb, pasta, ripe cheeses or by itself as a flavorful 'wine by the glass'."
  St. George Proprietors White
A widespread tradition in California winemaking is that of a winemaker's own wine: one which he chooses for everyday enjoyment at mealtime with his family and friends. Proprietor's White Wine is produced in that same tradition. It is a flavorful wine created from a unique blend of fine varietal grapes from selected vineyards. "Vanilla and apple aromas; fruity and soft with a long, crisp finish. A notable 'wine by the glass'; also excellent with barbecued chicken, seafood and picnic fare."
  St. George Sauvignon Blanc
FumÈ Blanc is a widely used alternate name for the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety. Particularly when it is grown in prime vineyards along the California coast, this highly regarded grape produces outstanding dry white wines, most often with a fresh, slightly herbaceous character. "A classic and elegant white wine: earth and flintstone nose with green apple and lush vanilla oak flavors; smooth on the palate, with a long, crisp finish. Superb when served with chilled shellfish, seasoned poultry dishes, veal, linguine and clams, or by itself."
  St. George White Zinfandel
A small number of red grape varieties can be vinified to produce attractive "blush" or white wines, and Zinfandel is the most popular. White Zinfandel takes advantage of the grape's intensity of berry-like flavor and its appealing, brilliant color. "A delicate wine of light salmon color with hints of ripe pear and rich Zinfandel flavors; delightfully fruity and soft on the palate, with a clean, smooth finish. Recommended with chicken, fresh fruit, fettuccine Alfredo, mild cheeses or by itself well-chilled."


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