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Ballentine Vineyards

Ballentine Vineyards Today, Ballentine owns 100 acres of vines spread among the Crystal Springs Vineyard at the base of Howell Mountain, Pocai Ranch between the Napa River and the Silverado Trail and the Home Vineyard at the winery. After selling their grapes for many years to wineries; Cabernet Sauvignon to Caymus, Cabernet Franc to Rombauer, Zinfandel to Rosenblum, Ravenswood and Mondavi, Van and Betty decided to revive the Ballentine brand that Van and his dad worked at for many years at Deer Park. They started by having their grapes custom crushed for a small production in 1992. In 1995, they built a winery, behind their 100-year-old farmhouse. They revived the original bonded winery number 3595 issued to his father, John Ballentine, in 1933 after prohibition ended. Ballentine Vineyards produces red wines, perfectly suited to the Northern Napa Valley climate and vineyards. Our production is less than 10,000 cases of Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot and with a future release of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah and Cabernet Franc. The tasting room has recently opened to the public. We invite you to visit us and meet Van and Betty. Sign up for our wine club and inquire about the “short list” for the release of our first Cabernet Sauvignon.


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2820 St. Helena Highway North, St. Helena, CA, US, 94574 Email:
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  Bg Integrity
A deep garnet red hue characterizes this bold Bordueax style blend. Aromas of blackberry jam, black cherry and mint dominate with undercurrants of anise, vanilla, caramel, pepper and cream that complimenint rich palate flavors remenicient of berry compote. balanced tannins fully engage the palate leading into a finish of dried fruit-like quality emphasized by the bright acidity.
  Bg Zinfandel Reserve
This wine has the color of a fresh picked ripe cherry. It's aromas linger between those of red fruits, floral petals, and spices like sage and lemon balm. The influence of French and American oak sneak through hinting with aromas vanilla and crème brulee. This Zinfadel expresses fresh fruits on the palate. The flavors include cherry, blueberry, and red delicious apple. The finish has a lingering interplay of cherries, apple, and caramel toastiness. The texture emcompasses the whole palate, slightly more confrontational on the forefront, but making peace through the middle and finish of the wine. The wine finishes with a vibrant acidity, a broad mouth feel, and a lingering berry flavor.
  Bg Zinfandel Reserve
This wine shows all the class and elegance of a fine Napa Cab, except it's indisputably Zin, with its brambly fruit flavors and spicy, peppery edge. The oak is rich and charred, the tannins sweet and ripe, the texture as smooth as velvet. Pretty much the best that Napa can do with a Zinfandel.
  Block 11 Zinfandel
Our Block 11 Zinfandel has intense plum, blackberry, pepper and clove aromas. There are spicy elements of licorice and tea in the nose along with subtle notes of vanilla. The wine opens as it rests in the glass revealing more of its sweet red fruit nature. The palate on this wine is silky in nature with a slight chalkiness around the edges. It is very full bodied, and holds the weight throughout the palate. Ripe flavors of cherry and raspberry concentrate at the center of the palate, while the spicy side of this wine reveals itself hinting with notes of cardamon, toast, pepper and vanilla. The finish has flavors of cherry, blackberry, and toast that tend to linger on and on.
  Cabernet Franc
Aromas of black cherry and blackberries draped atop classic crème brule accented by spicy peppery notes and hints of dried herbs introduce this lovely Cabernet Franc. Full and structured tannins, a silky smooth body, and flavors of black cherry, blueberry, vanilla and toast delight the palate.
  Cabernet Sauvignon Maple Lane
Black Cherry, blueberries, and cracked black pepper all emanate from the glass. This wine is fruit forward, but has luscious layers of spice. Anise, sage, cayenne, vanilla, and licorice all come into play. Very full on the palate with nice balanced tannins, the wine engages all of the senses. The soft acidity and silky smooth finish let the wine's finish linger for quite some time.
  Chenin Blanc
Our Chenin Blanc has a golden hue and aromas of citrus blossoms, honeysuckle, green and red apple, grapefruit, and vanilla. This Chenin is crisp and clean with minor notes of vanilla, smoke and toast. The stucture of the palate is full and silky with a crisp finish. The wine has a citrus and zesty character on the palate with notes of melon, apple, and floral blossoms. There is a full nature in the mouthfeel with an extremely slight barrel toast on the finish.
Aromas of raspberry, currants and black tea surround a flavor core of red & black cherry, blueberry, pepper and vanilla. The silky sweet fruit nature sets off the heavy-weight merlot tannins and extends into a lovely caramel toast finish.
  Petite Sirah
This Petite Sirah is characterized by an intense deep purple color and aromas of anise, earth, black berries and spicy white pepper. Flavors range from dried cherry, boysenberry and bread dough to toasty spice. Its palate structure is medium to full with an engaging acidity and rich and ripe tannins. The finish lingers in dark red fruits with a hint of fresh soil.
This wine features a lovely deep purple hue and bold aromas of black currant, black pepper, blueberry, dark cherry, fresh rose petals, and oak spice. Flavors range from red and black cherry to toasty vanilla with a floral perfume nature and very mild herbal notes. The wine has full and structured tannins, very expressive flavors and a rich, firm texture with a lingering berry finish.
  Syrah Old Vines
Intense with full and structured tannins It’s expressive Rhone-like aromas of leather, earth, spice, rose petals and anise give way to a palate rich and complex with flavors ranging from black cherries to dried stone fruits and tea Its finish lingers with delicate vanilla, white pepper and charred toast. An elegant wine with a rustic edge.
Our 2001 Zinfandel has a deep reddish garnet color. The wine's aromas begin with blueberry, clove, black cherry, raspberry, and vanilla leading into cracked black pepper and hints of rose petals. The body of the wine is supple and silky with a mild tannic outline. This Zinfandel has a jammy intensity on the palate with flavors of cherries and cranberries leading into a caramel and lavender accented finish. The wine's acidity is beautifully balanced, and helps complete the silky nature of the middle palate.
Delightful aromas of fresh cherry, raspberry and vanilla with cracked black pepper and pie spice. Ripe, rich tannins with a strong concentration of blackberry jam and toasty notes. The finish lingers in blueberry compote-like character punctated by a balanced yet zingy acidity. Delicious!
  Zinfandel Port
A dessert wine for the dessert lover, Ballentine Vineyards' Zinfandel Port exudes from the bottle like boysenberry syrup. This wine has aromas of blackberry and boysenberry jams, anise, and clove. Our Port is sweet in nature with a fine balance to the palate and acidity. We suggest enjoying this wine with your friends and family, but once you taste it you might find you just want to keep this one all to yourself.


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