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Cameo Vineyards

Cameo Vineyards When most people think of Antelope Valley, they think of Joshua trees, heat, tumbleweeds, and desolate landscape. However, within the last 20 years people have begun to think of Antelope Valley as something different - wine country. Because of the vision of one young Antelope Valley native in the 1980s, vineyards now cover some of the area’s valleys and hillsides. That young man, Steve Godde, attended the University of California at Davis, a well- known viticulture (the study of vines) and enology (the science making wines) course provider, in the mid-80’s. The university’s researchers had crossed two grapes - the Grenache Gree and the Muscat of Alexandria - to develop what is now known as the Symphony Grape. After graduating from UC Davis, Godde returned to establish a new type of agriculture in the Valley. “Twenty years from now people will look back and say of Steve that he was a visionary. He very well might be the most famous of the Godde Family yet!” said Dave Davis, Cameo Vineyards Vintner for 10 years. The Godde family name has been associated with the Antelope Valley for as long as anyone can remember, the reason why, Fred Godde first visited the Antelope Valley in the 1890’s. Many residents are unaware that in the Antelope Valley has a historical background as a wine center, Steve brings out” In the early part of the Century (1900) everyone had at least a few acres of grapes for wine.” In fact “in the early 1900’s there were two major wineries in the area as well as several backyard operations. Then in 1919 came Prohibition…” It seemed almost overnight the winemaking business was wiped out; the beautiful vineyards sadly were ripped out and replaced with alfalfa. Even more devastating was after prohibition was lifted in 1933 grape growing did not return. Cameo Wineries was the first vineyard re-planted in the Antelope Valley. It began in 1981 on the west side of the Valley.The first grapes, about 5 acres were planted in 1981, an additional 5 acres were planted each year after that. Cameo Estate now grows several types of grapes, including the Trebbiano, Merlot, Zinfandel, and the Symphony. After Godde’s success, others began planting of vineyards.There are now 3 wineries as well as at least 14 individual wine grape growers, with more being planted each year.


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