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Hard Row To Hoe Vineyard

Hard Row To Hoe Vineyard

Directions from Chelan: Follow Highway 150 towards Manson. Take a right at Mill Bay Casino on to Wapato Lake Rd., Ivan Morse Rd. is the second right. Look for our winery signs, we are at #300 Ivan Morse Rd.

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300 Ivan Morse Road, Manson, WA, US, 98831 Email:
Phone: 509-687-3000 Web:
Fax: 888-750-1047
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  Cabernet Franc, Riverbend Vineyard Wahluke Slope
They are coming for dinner, your neighbors with the 500-bottle wine cellar. What will they like, what goes with dinner? So much at stake.The Hard Row Cabernet Franc is a beautifully complex wine that has cherry pipe tobacco, green peppercorns, strawberry and cocoa flavors opening to a broad palate and firm tannins. So relax - click the button below and you will have made the right decision for this night. And don't forget to tell them where to get a bottle (they WILL ask).
Show no emotion, trust no one. Sleep with one eye open, pistol at your side. Waiting any moment for the wine police to show up and knock down the door. Let your guard down, take off the armour. Show your sweeter side. Man cannot live on big zins and chewy cabs alone. Especially on a hot afternoon or when there is a plate of 4-star pagang curry on a plate in front of you. Edelzwicker is a traditional off-dry Alsatian wine made from a blend of Riesling and Gewurztraminer perfect with spicy food. Now who is that banging at the door?
  Miss de Miner, Wahluke Slope
A delicious red blend of 68% Cabernet Sauvignon and 32% Merlot. Enjoy the chocolate and dark cherry aromas in this wine. This is a big, bold Cabernet perfect for your most special meals. Pronounced 'misdemeanor', enjoy this with your attorney over a prime rib dinner. See you at the arraignment! It will wait for your release, drink through 2014 and beyond.
  Pinot Noir Rose
Summer time of your senior year in high school. The guy you are dating (whose name you can't reacall) manages to get a bottle of some cheap, pink concoction. You get sick - he gets sick -and you haven't touched a pink wine since. Well, this ain't THAT wine ....believe me. Don't let the pink color scare you. This wine is refined and sophisticated. Dry and crisp with aromas of strawberry and cherries. Try it with smoked trout and/or beluga caviar. Very grown up!
  Sauvignon Blanc
Dry and crisp, loaded with citrus flavors like grapefruit and tangerine with wonderful herb aromas. Perfect with oysters.
  Shameless Hussy Roussanne
The shameless hussy label is used for wines we think "do not deliver what they promise". Roussane is a dry, but spicy and full-bodied wine. Great with dinner.
  Shameless Hussy Viognier
There she is, all glammed up, wearing inappropriate clothing like a low-cut leopard print dress. She's hitting shamelessley on every red-wine drinker in the house like the unsuspecting attorney who had walked in to this low-lit establishment. Batting her false eyelashes, she's irresistable. He hopes she is going to deliver what she promises. Slightly sweet and cloying, great at parties.. this viognier deserves a try.
  Syrah, Riverbend Vineyards Wahluke Slope
OK, you drink wine, but do you LOVE wine? That question is answered by your body of work in the wine education field. If you have not studied the fine distinctions of central Washington's Wahluke Slope then you've only gone on a few are not 'in love' yet. The 2006 Syrah is an astonishlingly awesome wine; pure, simple, amazing fruit and a finish that does not want to end. It all attests to Wahluke Slope supremacy among wine-growing regions. Until you have actually tasted this superlative red wine, your body of work in incomplete.
  Zinfandel, Wahluke Slope Pheasant Vineyard
Big and luscious with intense flavors of spicy pepper and dark, dense blackberries. A deep maroon, velvet color portends the flavors to come. The finish is long and lingering with exotic spice, black currant, cherry pie, star anise flavors. Drink now.


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