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Keg Springs Winery

Keg Springs Winery Keg Springs is family owned and operated. We are dedicated to providing a superior Wine Experience in an atmosphere of joy and dedication while producing the most unique and delicious wines found anywhere. Nestled deep in the Tennessee hills construction began in 2002 culminating in the sale of our first bottle of wine in June 2004. Located half way between Columbia and Hohenwald we offer a full range of wines from very dry to sweet. Come by and taste them anytime for free. If you are hungry we have packaged cheeses, meats, salsas and more all made right here in Tennessee. Come sit on our Wine Pavillion and enjoy the view of the valley while drinking wine and eating wonderful Tennessee food. Our Wine Pavillion will seat 40 comfortably. It is available for parties or other special events by calling or e-mailing the Winery. On a regular basis we host dinners and other special activities. Check our Events calendar on this website. Come visit us and enjoy the pleasure of combining good food with dear friends and excellent wines. A wine experience you will never forget.


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361 Keg Springs Road, Hampshire, TN, US, 38461 Email:
Phone: 931-285-0589 Web:
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A classic favorite. This wine is best served chilled alone or with ice cream or other desserts.
A very dry red with a medium bodied mouth feel. It is robust with smooth texture and a mixture of earthy aromas. Best served at room temperature with red meats.
A dry white wine of the Chardonay family. This is an easy drinking light wine. It is not over powering and is a good choice with any meal
A semi-sweet red wine made with a blend of Concorde grapes. This wine is best served chilled with chicken or fish.
  Maidens White
A semi-sweet white that is a propriatary blend. It has dominate fruity overtones and is best served chilled with white meat or pasta.
A full bodied dry red. Characterized by bold aromas and layered flavors with back notes of fruitness. Best served at room temperature with red meats.
A sweet white wine made from the Muscadine grape. This wine is best served chilled. A classic favorite of the southern U.S.
A wonderful sweet wine with heavenly fruity aromas and distinctive peach taste. This is best served chilled for dessert.
A sweet slightly tart wine with an amazingly bold taste. This wine is best served chilled with chocolate.
A sweet wine with strong aromas and flavors. This wine is best served chilled with fresh fruit or desserts. A good wine for cooking.
  Vidal Blanc
A light off-dry white made from Vidal grapes. It is best served chilled with seafood, poultry or pastas using creamy white sauces.


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