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Russell Orchards Winery

Russell Orchards Winery The winery began with the acquisition of a farm winery license in 1988. We introduced traditional New England hard ciders in three flavors: Dry, Sweet, and Slightly Sweet. As we have expanded upon our fruit production at the Orchard, we have added many new fruit wines. Our goal is to produce traditional wines most commonly found on farms throughout the United States and Europe over the past 300 years. As our listing of wines indicates, fruit wines are excellent for drinking, sipping, and sharing at meals. There is a wide variety of flavor, sweetness, and unique characteristics not found in grape wines. Among our selection of fruit wines we have learned that there is a variety for every palate. Just try them - you will enjoy them! Wine tastings are always available in our farm store.

From the South: 95 North to 128 North. Rt. 1A North (Exit 20A) 8 miles to Rt. 133 East. Follow the signs to Crane Beach, Castle Hill and Russell Orchards. From the North: 95 South to 133 East. Follow the signs to Crane Beach, Castle Hill and Russell Orchards.

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143 Argilla Road, Ipswich, MA, US, 01938 Email:
Phone: 978-356-5366 Web:
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A delicate combination of our Baldwin Apple and Wild Blueberry with a refreshing, light flavor.
  Baldwin Apple
A dry white wine, similar to a crisp chardonnay.
  Black Currant
A distinctive, fruity nose and strong, somewhat tart currant flavor.
Mellow, rounded, and gently flavored.
Made from wild Maine blueberries. A wonderful Merlot type red wine that is superb with any meat.
Light and dry with a hint of almond.
Unique flavor has the essence of sherry wine.
  Dry Blueberry
Similar to the Blueberry, except this wine is aged in French oak. Bold like a Cabernet with a subtle berry flavor.
Dry robust wine with a smooth lingering berry flavor.
The berry is a cross between the gooseberry and the black currant. This wine has a tart and strong fruity taste.
This semi-dry wine boasts a light peach flavor.
A dry white wine with a light and very refreshing pear flavor.
A delicious wine. Fruity, and somewhat tart.
This fresh wine is a combination of our excellent peach wine and the full-bodied raspberry. Appeals to Zinfandel drinkers.
  Red Currant
Tart with a clean, strong currant taste.
A sweet dessert wine made from an old farm recipe. Made with fresh-picked rhubarb from our garden.
Fruity and sweet with a subtle smoky flavor.
This complex yet delicate picnic wine is delicious.


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