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Helderberg Brewery

Helderberg Brewery Helderberg Brewery is a project of the Carey Institute’s Sustainable Communities Program. It is a fully operational farm brewery and brewery incubator. Come out to the Helderberg Hilltowns and try one of our locally-sourced and brewed beers!


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63 Huyck Road, Rensselaerville, NY, US, 12147 Email:
Phone: 518-797-5100 Web:
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A new variety developed in Hungary, that has flavors similar to Sauvignon Blanc. This wine was aged primarily in stainless steel to retain its wonderful aromas and flavors.
Blush has a fresh fruity flavor, similar to wild red and black berries. Sweet white Zinfandel lovers find this a favorite.
  Burgundy '03
Our burgundy is a Great blend of Chambourcin,Cabernet Franc, and a new variety from Cornell. It’s smooth and easy characteristics make it a favorite of pinot Noir lovers. Just one glass and your hooked on this wonderfully produced New York dry red.
  Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Franc has become one of the premier red varieties of the Finger Lakes. Aged in American and French oak, this style has rich fruit and soft full tannins.
A full deep complexity of a barrel aged style balanced with fresh subtle fruit creates a delightful Chardonnay with a hint of sweetness. The finish captures a butterscotch flavor develped during the barrel aging, with help with the slight sweetness.
  Chardonnay Reserve
Our Chardonnay has been carefully aged in French and American oak barrels to produce a French style Chardonnay with complex fruit, and a touch of oak in the finish.
  Chardonnay Sur-Lie
Sur-Lie is a style comparable to those from the Montrachet vineyards of Burgundy France. This aging process creates a crisp, comlex, fruity, with a hazelnut finish.
The Claret is a bold red blend fashioned in the classic Bordeaux style. It has a robust character, deep fruit and soft tannins. Cabernet Sauvignon lovers will appreciate its full flavor. (best when decanted)
  Dry Riesling 2003
We use a late harvest Siegfried, to make a lusciously rich and sweet wine comparable to a late harvest Riesling or an ice wine.
A blend of Traminette and Riesling create a wonderful blend of floral aromas and fruity flavors. With just a touch of sweetness, Pearl is a perfect wine for entertaining.
The Pegasus wine is a sweet, richly flavored white wine with a floral aroma, and soft smooth finish. It is crafted after the sweet white wines from northern Italy.
  Pinot Bianco
Pinot Bianco, our brand new wine, is a blend of Bianca and Chardonnay to create a crisp, clean, dry white wine that is very similar to Pinot Grigio with a smooth finish.
  Red Baron
The Red Baron has a rich fruity character with a tantalizing aroma. It captures all the best of wines like Merlot, without, the heavy tannins, oaky characters, or dryness
  Red Panda
Cabernet Franc and Merlot combine to make a delightful red wine with soft fruity flavors. This wine was created to honor the adorable and endangered Red Panda, the small cousin of the Great Panda. Best when served slightly chilled.
  Riesling 2003
Riesling is the great white grape variety of Germany and the Finger Lakes. Our semi-dry style graces the nose with its delicate aroma and fills the pallet with a full fruity flavor.
  Traminette (Semi-Dry)'04
A newer variety developed by Cornell Agricultural Center.This descendant of the Gewurztraminer is winning the hearts of new york wine lovers everywhere.With it's elegant floral aroma,great boquet of fruit flavor,and wonderful spice character,you really see the similarity to it's parent.Beacuse of it's winter hardiness, you will find it more abundant here in New york as you do the riesling. Serving suggestions:Oriental,poultry,and seafood.
  Traminette (Semi-Sweet) '04
This wine's sweetness brings out Traminette's wonderful characters. It has lively aromas and just a hint of spice in its rich flavor, just like Guwurztraminer


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