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City Winery

City Winery We like wine & music. New York's only fully functioning winery and music club, deep in the heart of SOHO. We program great music, make great wine and offer patrons a unique venue to enjoy good food with friends. And we make wine here too!


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155 Varick Street, New York, NY, US, 10013 Email:
Phone: 212-608-0555 Web:
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Our own Labrusca style wine. A sweet burst of our best NY flavors, blended to a complex excellence. Drink with hors d'oeuvres or by itself!
  Blushing Flamingo Spumante
Catawba grapes made in the age old champagne style of France, each handled individually. The old and the new world come together in sparkling fabulous flavored limited edition spumante. Not too sweet or dry. Perfect for fine dining, celebrations and weddings.
  Cabernet Franc
Intense dry red, alive with rich flavors of plums and mulberries with a touch of spicy black pepper. Fine dinner wine. Excellent with gourmet meat dishes.
  Cascade Riesling
Soft aromas of tropical fruits in a semi-dry riesling, perfect for sipping, dinners, and bread and cheese.
  Cranberry Bog Mead
Fermented honey and cranberry concentrate, sweet with incredible flavor and then a surprise bite in the finish. A wonderful fall and winter treat.
  Elderberry Wine
Fermented fresh elderberries, sweet with incredible flavor. After dinner treat, great on ice cream or other desserts, good apperitive.
  Fireside Chardonnay
Golden taste of a Chardonnay of the oldest tradition. French oaked with deep forest flavors blended to the natural full flavored fragrant perfume of the superb '98 Chardonnay grapes.
  Luna Rossa
Complex dry red with enduring after flavor. Outstanding unique red perfect for dinner and most discriminating dry red wine enthusiasts.
  Morning Blush
Made from Cayuga grapes, our award-winning blush has a bright sharp refreshing fruity touch with a dry finish. Excellent with spicy, flavorful and cajun foods.
  Red Bouquet
A full-bodied Baco Noir. Bright flavorful with tones of cherry and rose. Definitely a steak or pasta wine. Wonderfully mellow and pleasant.
Exquisite dry Riesling with incredibly exciting aromas starting with peach and apricot, turning lightly and briefly to orange, then touches of lime and lemon.
  Sweet Iris
An award- winning Delaware with a light, fruity taste and a floral aroma. Semisweet with a slight bite. A fine middle table wine.


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