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Frenz Winery

Frenz Winery Frenz Vineyard & Winery was born out of love for great wine and great friends. Today, Frenz is an award winning Amador County Winery. So how does one go about building a winery, or planting a vineyard? There are countless ways, and if you talk to every winery owner in California, they would have varying stories of how their plans came about. Frenz Vineyard, or the concept, was born Labor Day weekend in 1994 when three friends were camping at Lake Amador. After a hearty meal and lots of good Amador wines, the trio sat around the campfire gazing up at the carpet of stars in the sky and philosophizing, as people tend to do after drinking too much wine. "How can we improve our lifestyles", we asked. "Why can't we live up here in God's country" she whined (or was that wined?). The visionary of the group said, "You know, we could build on our experience as home winemakers, and open our own winery!"

Sacramento via Highway 16: Take Hwy 16 (Jackson Hwy) East to Plymouth (automatically merges with Hwy 49). Turn right onto Shenandoah Valley Road (E-16) for approximately 8 miles turn right onto Ostrom Road proceed 1.3 miles to Frenz Winery on your left. From South Lake Tahoe: Take Hwy 50 West to Placerville. Exit at Missouri Flat Road and turn right and go over the freeway. Go to Plesant Valley Road (approx. 3 miles) and at the light turn right. Turn left onto Highway 49 in the town of El Dorado and follow to Plymouth (14 miles).

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21390 Ostrom Road, Fiddletown, CA, US, 95629 Email:
Phone: 209-245-4800 Web:
Fax: 209-245-4801
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  2001 Barbera, Cooper Ranch
One of the more sought after grapes in our area, it is said that if you can get fruit from Dick Cooper you’re half way to making a great wine. This vintage lives up to its reputation. The luminous ruby color invites you to dive right in, but the soft floral bouquet with a hint of ripe, tart cherries admonishes you to take your time and savor. This wine has medium tannins and a supple texture that caresses your entire mouth and lingers on your palate.
  2001 Syrah, Sierra Oaks Vineyard
A newcomer to the Frenz family the Sierra Oaks Vineyard lives up to the acclaim of the Fairplay fruit. A deep opaque vermilion hue swirls magnificently in your glass and invites you to jump right in and lose yourself. The bouquet is soft, light and fruity with a sensation of ripe berries, black currants and a hint of cassis. This wine has medium tannins, balanced acid and opens up leisurely.
  2001 Zinfandel, Frenz Vineyard
Our much-awaited Estate Zinfandel lives up to the standard set by previous vintages. A luscious inky purple heralds the majesty of this crowning jewel in our repertoire. A tight bouquet opens up to the essence of a ripe berry jam. The taste follows suit by surrounding your tongue with a myriad of raspberry and blackberry jam flavors. This wine has a good balance of tannins and acids and has a long finish on the palate. P.S. this wine has enough backbone for the BBQ.
  2002 Grenache, Silvaspoons Vineyard
A Rhone grape with a bold new twist. Not your wimpy, light rose-style Grenache but rather a robust “Grenache Noir”. This wine greets you with a rich, bright color, embraces you with a crisp, fruity nose, and then glides across your palate with vibrant flavors of strawberries, dry cherries and cranberries. This vintage will appeal to all tastes by virtue of its versatility, drink it anytime, anyplace and with anything. As the winemaker says, “we nailed this one”.
  2002 Melange, Proprietor Blend
Back by popular demand, our winemaker demonstrates his artistic magic by blending three of the foothill’s most popular grapes… Zinfandel, Barbera and Syrah. We combined the flavors of two Zinfandels, two Barberas and one Syrah to create this symphony of fruity flavors. The dark, ruby color hints at the complexity and richness of the pleasures to come. The rich bouquet invites you to savor the ripe, luscious cherries with vanilla and a hint of honey. You’ll need a stopwatch to time the long, smooth well-balanced finish of this one. The writer predicts that like our 2000 vintage, this too will be a best seller.
  2002 Petite Sirah, Silvaspoons Vineyard
Don’t let the name fool you, this wine is not petite by any stretch of the imagination (or palate). You know you’re in for a treat when you first pour this wine into your glass and see the gorgeous, rich purple nectar coat your glass. The vibrant berry fragrance invites you to sample the full-bodied, full mouth experience of big, black cherries coupled with the subtle, smoky oak from the American barrels. A smooth, long finish combined with well-integrated and refined tannins completes your experience. This “kick ass” petite is complicated yet easy drinking according to our winemaker.
  2002 Randall House Red, Frenz Vineyard
This red table wine is a compilation of Zinfandel grapes from four vineyards located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Each vineyard brings unique characteristics into this blend resulting in a delightfully fruity wine.
  2002 Sangiovese, Vigna Bella Vineyard
A demure lady, with a serene essence. Don’t let the shyness of this wine fool you, the quiet ones are oftentimes the most pleasurable. The translucent, ruby color invites you to linger on its brilliance while the soft hint of spice and fruit urges you to further sample its virtues. The smooth vanilla from the french oak and the well-balanced acids caress the front of your tongue with the soft tannins to finish with the lingering echo of rich pomegranates. This vintage is food friendly, but remember to always treat it like a lady.
  2002 Tempranillo, Silvaspoons Vineyard


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