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Garden Winery

Garden Winery Garden Winery & Vineyard is a small family owned business by Bill and Cindy Bush. Both Bill and Cindy have agriculture back ground, management experience, with a strong background in retail and sales, In the year of 2004 is when we started to get interested in growing grapes and possible become a Winery in the future. We started attending seminars and field days that were provided by Iowa State University or the Iowa State University Extension offices. We wanted to learn about what grape cultivars that was especially for Northern climates that would survive our winters, our soil type which is more alkaline in their area, what kind of additives to the soil and fertilization that would be needed, chemical sprays such as fungicides and how herbicides would affect the grapes. We started commercial selling wine in 2009, in Gowrie, this is where the vineyard is, owned by Dave and Ruth Hanson, which we manage for them. We moved the tasting room to Fort Dodge in 2010. We have spent the first three years traveling to Farmer’s Market, Craft and Vendor shows, Mall’s and community special events selling and promoting our wines. Our wines are sold in our tasting room, wine shops, liquor stores, gift shops, grocery stores, restaurants and direct mail. In our gift shop you will find products that are wine related. We carry sixty-eight different kinds of wine bottle holders, from animals, Chefs, etc. and cork cages. We also feature gift baskets, and wedding accessories.


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621 Thomas Street, Callender, IA, US, 50523 Email:
Phone: 515-351-9843 Web:
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