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Nota Bene Cellars

Nota Bene Cellars We are proud to announce the first release of wines from Nota Bene Cellars. Even though 2001 was a tragic year in history for the United States and the world, the wines have become beautiful examples of the ability of nature to bring forth wonders we will appreciate for many years to come. We are offering three distinctly different Bordeaux style blends. We hope you are able to try all three and appreciate each for its own special character. All of our wines are crafted to be aged for many years…the length of which we will only know with time. Please stock up so you can regularly sample the wines and not miss any intermediate combinations of subtle aromas that may be short lived or transitions to more complex flavor components. We like to say that we appreciate all phases of wine flavor profiles, but that we only release the wine when the symphony is ready to play!


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  2001 Kestrel View Estates Vineyard
The grapes for our Yakima Valley blend were sourced from the exceptional vines of Kestrel View Estates Vineyard in Prosser, but it also includes a drop of Klipsun Cabernet for mid-palate appeal and a dash of Ciel du Cheval Petit Verdot for color and flower notes. 67% Cabernet Sauvignon (4% Klipsun), 16% Merlot, 16% Cabernet Franc, 1% Petit Verdot (Ciel du Cheval). Aged in 84% new French oak barrels for 21 months, 156 cases + 6 bottles were bottled on 6/28/03. The Yakima Valley and particularly the vineyards north of Prosser are clearly cooler growing sites than those of Red Mountain. You will be very pleased to experience the contrast in style and terroir between our Ciel and Kestrel View Estates Vineyard wines. The Kestrel is distinctly less intense, softer and more supple with raspberries circling the rich vanilla that is a more forward expression of our French oak barrels. We like to say this wine is much more feminine in its mouth feel. But, gentlemen…this is not a wimpy wine!
The linking of vineyards and varietals from around the state is captured in our blend called Abbinare…Italian for “link together”. Note the fruit and finesse of Arianses Vineyard dominate this wine. We thank wine grower Bruce Zunser for skillful care in the vineyard throughout the year, but let’s not fail to notice the remaining components that bring this wine together.
  Ciel du Cheval Vineyard
This wine is equal parts Cab and Merlot from one of the most exciting vineyards in the state. The Petit Verdot was wonderful this year…can you tell our winemaker, Tim Narby, felt compelled to load as much as he could into this wonderful vineyard designated blend. Petit Verdot contributes much to the deep color and floral notes of this wine.
Merlot dominates our Miscela again this year with contributions from 6 different vineyards from around the state. True to the spirit of this wine…Miscela is Italian for “blend”…we see how grapes from these diverse vineyards can come together to make a satisfying Bordeaux blend.
Our 3 vineyards Syrah is blended to showcase this new winning varietal from Washington State. The grapes are sourced from Portteus, Stillwater Creek, and Stone Tree Vineyards to capture 3 of our best microclimates in one beautiful bottle. Touches of Bordeaux varietals were added to extend the mid palate and round out this blend.


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