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ElvenGlade Winery

ElvenGlade Winery Wine Press Northwest has just published the results of their 5th annual Platinum judging. To get into the judging a wine needs to win a gold or equivalent. Wines were entered from all of North America and a few from France (apparently they make wine in France too). There were 241 in all and they awarded 37 platinums. Tah Dah.... Yeah the Head Elf was trying to do the moon rubber boots... in the vineyard all day.... lucky for me it was very foggy and there was no chance of being seen.

Find Gaston, it's on most maps, look carefully about a fingers width South of Forest Grove. Once in Gaston proceed 1 mile south on highway 47 - that would be “THE” road going through Gaston. A mile south of town, turn right (west) on Goodin Creek Rd. Go 1/4 mile and take the right fork. From the fork go another ~1/2mile. You will see a huge driveway entrance on your right and some fresh logging on the left. Turn right. The winery will be to your right front.

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3500 Bridgefarmer Road, Gaston, OR, US, 97119 Email:
Phone: 503-662-9960 Web:
Fax: 503-662-9960
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Our first attempt with this varietal made from Dijon clones 76 and 96 fruit. Made in some very nice French oak, it is currently just starting to show its potential. I like it with salmon. Use a bit for the poaching and drink the rest with dinner.
  Pinot Blanc
  Pinot Blanc
This is the winery’s favorite child. Chris and I can’t keep out hands off it. It has strong hints of peaches and pears with ever so slight wisps of honey suckle and jasmine in the nose. It is slightly off dry and pairs well with many foods. Ask Chris for menu suggestions….plan on a long answer… he is a bit of a wine/food zealot.
  Pinot Gris
  Pinot Gris
This Gris is finished a bit dryer than we have done before. The tropical fruits are still there in abundance and the nose is all ElvenGlade. Chris says the perfect match is BBQ’d salmon with mango salsa. I think it goes great with take out Chinese. Obviously, he is the gourmet. As with previous vintages, it is a perfect wine for sipping while sitting on the deck or patio. That makes it a summer wine for Gaston. For San Diego where the two seasons are THIS summer and NEXT summer…its great everyday.
  Pinot Noir
It’s finally here and we can start calling ourselves a ‘real’ Oregon Winery… The response has been overwhelmingly positive. The nose and palette is all ripe black berries and dark cherries. I describe it as berries and cherries from horizon to horizon. Priced to please, this would be a good wine to stock up on for the winter. I have a bunch already stashed in my cellar… sometimes it does pay to own a winery.
  Winter Crush
A sweet dessert wine made in the ice wine style. This wine smells of pears and peaches and tastes mostly like pears. The finish is fresh and not cloying like many dessert wines. The most common adjectives used by people after their first sip is YUM! Or some noises that can be interpreted as yum…


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