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Honeymoon Trail Winery

Honeymoon Trail Winery Welcome to Honeymoon Trail Winery, home of the original Niagara Winery, located on the historic Honeymoon Trail, now known as Route 104. The route leads to the stunning honeymoon capital of the world - Niagara Falls and is minutes from Lake Ontario. Honeymoon Trail winery offers fine wines carefully crafted by our award winning wine maker using the finest New York State ingredients. Relax by the large wood burning fireplace in our magnificent tasting room and enjoy a tasting while browsing our gift shop. We also feature a selection of gourmet cheeses and fine chocolates.


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4120 Ridge Road, Cambria, NY, US, 14094 Email:
Phone: 716-438-3255 Web:
Fax: 716-438-3256
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A sweet white wine with a delightful array of apple tastes and aromas.
  Baco Noir
A dry red wine with deep cherry and raspberry under tones.
  Cabernet Franc
This dry red has ripe garden aromas with deep peppery flavors. Great with roast pork.
  Cayuga White
A semi-dry wine that is crisp, refreshing, and fruity. Great with hors'd'oeuvres.
Rich, with a symphony of flavors. This dry red is great with your favorite beef.
A sweet red wine, otherwise known as Very Cherry.
  Concord (Honeymoon's Over)
Developed in 1849 the Concord is a rich, full-bodied, full-flavored wine. "He sowed, others reaped."
  Coyote Run
Semi-sweet blend of Baco Noir and Catawba. A full-bodied red with light fruit undertones.
Assertive floral as sharp as a diamond with fresh grape aromas.
  Full Moon
A delicate blend of rich, full bodied, dry red wines.
  Honeymoon Sweet
The fresh, aromatic fruitiness of the Concord grape is bursting with sweet, luscious flavors. Enjoy with friends-a great porch wine!
  Mighty Niagara
A sweet ripe wine. Aromatic grapes picked straight off the vine and bursting with flavor. Great as an apertif.
  Pink Catawba
Sweet delicate pink wine. Made from one of the first great Native American grapes used in wine making - the Catawba.
Taste the burst of flavors from this New York State berry; Its simply smakling! Enjoy anytime.
The perfect marriage of two fine fruits! Strawberry--Raspberry blend.
A semi-dry white wine with delectable apricot, mango, and honey characters. Great with poultry.
  Seyval Blanc
A dry white; smooth with delicate fruit. Great with seafood and poultry.
This unique berry wine sparkles with deep, rich flavors. Enjoy with your favorite chocolates.
Semi-sweet, spicy white wine with vibrant citrus and tropical fruit. Great with Chinese and spicy cuisine.
  White Lace
An elegant blend of Riesling and Cayuga White with a smooth finish. An excellent compliment for poultry dishes.


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