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Bully Hill Vineyards

Bully Hill Vineyards Bully Hill Vineyards Inc. was owned by the late Walter Stephen Taylor. He was the 4th generation of his Family to be involved in grape growing and wine making. Because the family has been either growing grapes or making wine since 1878, it is The Oldest and most Famous Family Name to be continuously associated with Wine and grapes in America. Walter Stephen’s Taylor grandfather, Walter Taylor, at age 21 came to Hammondsport from Halsey Valley, near Owego, N.Y. He took over a vineyard on Bully Hill, from a man named Streeter; the Vineyard consisted of 7 acres of land and a little cabin, which were paid for in 3 years. Just down the road were the vineyards of George Chapman; he had a daughter named “Addie”. Walter Taylor had purchased a new 80 acre farm in 1880 just up the road ¼ mile from the Chapmans where he continued his wine making and grape growing. During this time Walter Taylor and Addie Chapman became man and wife and created five children; all of whom were born on Bully Hill. The children were: Fred C., Flora, Clarence W., Lucy, and Greyton H. Taylor.

From Corning & Points East: Interstate 86W to Exit #38 (Bath/Hammondsport). Please see general directions at bottom of page for Bath to Hammondsport and on to Bully Hill. From Rochester and Points Northwest: Take Rt. 390S. This blends into Interstate 86E. You will be on Interstate 86E for a short period of time. Get off at Exit #38 (Bath/Hammondsport). Please see general directions at bottom of page for Bath to Hammondsport and on to Bully Hill. General Directions from Bath to Hammondsport and on to Bully Hill Vineyards: Pick up Rt. 54N and follow for approximately 8 miles. You come to a red light at Hammondsport and make a left hand turn. You are now on Rt. 54A North. Follow Rt. 54A North through the Village of Hammondsport. As you leave the Village you will see Keuka Lake on

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8843 Greyton H. Taylor Memorial Drive, Hammondsport, NY, US, 14840 Email:
Phone: 607-868-3610 Web:
Fax: 607-868-3205
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Full rounded fruit flavors. Aurora and Seyval blend, great with seafood and poultry.
  Banty Red
From the delightfully "grapey" nose to silky smooth finish, this wine is truly sensational.
  Barnyard Red
Rougeon and Chancellor make this a distinctive and mellow wine for any occasion.
  Bulldog Baco Noir
Baco and oak aging produced a bold, intense wine perfect for red meat dishes.
  Cabernet Franc
Aromas of ripe raspberries and plums are the centerpiece, complimented by notes of chocolate and leather.
A intriguing french variety with an expansive, fruit-forward bouquet and a long seductive finish.
  Equinox Blush
Aurora, Seyval and Catawba make this enticing blend fine for both a formal or picnic table.
  Equinox White
Aurora, Seyval and Catawba make this enticing blend fine for both a formal or picnic table.
  Estate Red
Bordeaux-style blend of seven grape varieties grown at Bully Hill. Great for meat entrees.
A bright, refreshing semi-dry wine with a pink blush.
Well-balanced Italian Tuscan style with a hint of raspberry. Enjoy with pasta dishes.
A blend of Baco, Aurora, Ives and Colobel. Serve chilled/room temp. A great wine for any occasion.
Aromas of lychee fruit and peaches play against subtle spiciness.
  Goat White
A harmonious blend of fruit with a soft finish to complement poultry and light sauces.
  Growers Blush
Catawba, Niagara, Delaware, Elvira and Colobel make this a fruity delight for any occasion.
  Growers Red
A luscious and fruity blend of Concord, Ives and Aurora. Great with or without food.
  Growers White
A blend of Niagara and other native American grapes. Excellent for sipping.
  Harbor Lights
Cayuga and Vidal blend with fantastic fruit flavors to complement your barbecue.
This refined dry red is rich in complexity, with subtle toasty undertones, firm tannins, and a smooth finish that lingers on the plate.
Bursting with native American fruit and floral essence. Always a crowd pleaser.
  Le Goat Blush
A blend of seyval, Aurora, Vidal and a hint of Colobel Noir for color. A perfect picnic wine.
  Lighthouse White
A light, delicate blend of Seyval, Aurora and Vidal with a touch meals, especially seafood.
  Love My Goat Red
A uniquely mellow, easy drinking wine. Enjoy with steak or pasta.
  Meat Market Red
Conceived in the Carribean by Walter S. Taylor to celebrate our winter havens. A red meat wine.
  Miss Love
Blend of Seyval, Aurora and Vidal for a soft, yet crisp finish for light fare.
  Mother Ship Over Paris
Made from the Chancellor grape, this deep red sensation delights with bubbling grace and harmony. Dry, clean and full-bodied, a touch of fruit in the nose parallels the subtle tannin understructure. Great for any occasion.
  Oh, Be Joyful
In honor of our war heroes who savored the American wine they called, "Oh, Be Joyful!"
  Pink Catawba
Luscious aromas of ripe strawberries and cherry candy dominate the nose of this classic pink beauty.
  Pinot Grigio
Full-rounded fruit flavors are present in this sweet white wine. Great with seafood and poultry.
  Pinot Noir
An elegant, classic red table wine produced from Pinot Noir grapes. Accompanies any food.
Luscious, rich, fresh and crisp in classic German-style. Made for seafood, salads, and light fare.
  Seyval Blanc
Crisp, dry, elegant blend of Seyval and Aurora to accompany a wide variety of food.
  Seyval Blanc Brut
A crisp Seyval varietal curvee with a toasty finish and hints of green apple.
  Space Shuttle Red
Blend of Baco, Leon Millot, Rougeon and Colobel. It soars smooth, clean and elegant.
  Special Reserve Red
Medium-bodied Tuscan style dry red wine. Great with any red meat or pasta
  Special Reserve White
Classic, French style dry white with balanced fruit and subtle oak. Divine with grilled salmon
  Spring Blush
Native red and white grapes produce this sensationally fruity blush to sip or for light fare.
  Sweet Walter Red
A blend of our most assertive red varietals. For dinner sippping and conversation.
  Sweet Walter White
A blend of Delaware, Aurora, Elvira and Niagara creat this rich, fruity dessert wine.
  Walter S. Red
Baco, Chancellor and Colobel produced a perfect partner for beef or hearty poultry.


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