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Ocee Winery

Ocee Winery Welcome to Ocoee Winery! We have a numerous array of wines and wine accessories. We also have some fabulous snacks to have along with wines. Come by the store now and visit our fabulous tasting room!

Ocoee Winery is nestled in the mountains of Cleveland, TN on Waterlevel Hwy (Hwy 64) just a short drive from the Ocoee River.

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5365 Waterlevel Hwy, Cleveland, TN, US, 37323 Email:
Phone: 423-614-5100 Web:
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TBlod, light and crisp taste. Apple a day ...!
This great taste is fruity and can be served as a dessert or simply enjoy it at any time.
Classic blueberry wine, light and refreshing for summer, yet full bodied enough to accompany pork, chicken and pasta dishes.
Serve cold with anything. Young Wine. Flowery bouquet.
Dry red wine with some fruity overtones. It is very dark in color.
Merlot usually has ripe berry components in the bouquet. Merlot tends to be soft, fruity and smooth in texture.
This wine is very light and goes with anything, so sit back and enjoy.
  Ocoee Red
Our most popular- Concord Blend--This wine is perfect for cheesecake with its intense grape flavor.
Taste of the south, peachy good.
  Red Muscadine
The South's very own grape. The distinctive taste and luscious aroma of being freshly picked give this wine.
Taste the sweet ripe taste of Summer. A sipping wine.
  White Muscadine
White wine sometimes called Scuppernong, made from the native American Muscadine grapes. This grape variety has been referred to as "God's gift to the sunny south".


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rhodies says...
Norton Wine Review: A quick run in and run out at Ocoee Winery. Unlike Norton wines too commonly found in other states that usually have a dark cherry taste with a bubblegum aroma, this was the first Norton tasted that I thought had a light strawberry hint in it’s presentation. Not for me, but I know people who possibly would like this accessibly priced Cynthiana (Norton). My wife did not pick up on the strawberry bouquet, but called this "cherry and flat".