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Lakewood Vineyards

Lakewood Vineyards The Stamp family has farmed the picturesque western shore of Seneca Lake for four generations. Understanding that a wine can be no better than the fruit from which it is made, each generation has passed the secrets of vine and earth on to the next - ever striving to grow the highest quality grapes. Come visit Lakewood Vineyards and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere as you taste a wide variety of award winning wines.


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4024 State Route 14, Watkins Glen, NY, US, 14891 Email:
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  Abby Rose
The nose of this bright crimson wine is a vibrant mix of vanilla & strawberry aromas. Sweet fruity flavors are artfully balanced on the palate by the wine's natural acidity. A playfully nostalgic palate insists you drop all pretensions, relax, and enjoy. Best served chilled.
With abundant aromas of sweet cherries and cotton candy, this ice wine transcends the concord grapes from which it was made. Explosively fruity and rich on the palate with bright candy-like finish. An all inclusive dessert in a glass.
A brilliantly red, medium bodied wine with subtle aromas of blackberry, rich cocoa and tea. Light tannins flesh out the mid-palate before finishing dry with a modicum of smoky oak.
  Carpe Vinum
Bronze Medals - International Eastern Wine Competition. ® Great Lakes Wine Competition. When the guests are on the way and you don’t know what to serve…..Carpe Vinum (“seize the wine”)! Seize a bottle of this crisp, fruity Cayuga White wine. It’s delicate aromas and soft floral palate makes it great with everything from holiday turkey to seafood.
The 2004 Chardonnay’s soft toasty nose is complimented by aromas of vanilla, and butter. The perfect balance of fruit and acid make this Chardonnay a food friendly wine. Elegantly dry, this plushly textured wine blossoms with foods like alfredo sauces or butter steamed sea bass.
A blend of our estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, this sturdy wine boasts rich aromas of raspberry, and smoke. Firm tannins flesh out the palate and the finish lingers long with notes of briar fruit and toasty oak.
Sweet red strawberries and honeysuckle blossoms greet the senses with this unique Delaware wine. This wine’s beautiful ruby-blush color mirrors the color of this succulent grape. A perfumey berry-pear gives way to an off-dry finish. A delightful accompaniment to cheese based dishes, casseroles and lighter fare.
  Dry Riesling
Double Gold Medal - New York Wine & Food Classic. ® Bronze Medal - San Francisco International Wine Competition. Those who believe Rieslings are always sweet have yet to discover Riesling. Our 2003 Dry Riesling sports fresh citrus-floral aromas with hints of tree fruit and a bright, crisp finish. An extremely food friendly wine, it pairs well with smoked salmon, duck, fresh trout, havarti cheese and fresh oysters, to name a few.
  Dry Vignoles
Bronze Medal – Pacific Rim International Wine Competition. ® Bronze Medal – Tasters Guild International Wine Competition - 2004. This new release from Lakewood Vineyards greets the nose with a bouquet of citrus and melon. Vanilla on the palate hints of the oak barrels in which it was aged. Dry Vignoles is delicious with Greek dishes and seafood.
® Bronze Medal - Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2004. ® Bronze Medal - San Diego National Wine Competition 2004. ® Bronze Medal - Great Lakes Wine Competition 2004. Before the calm, lingering tangerine and almond finish beg you to sip again, the tropical fruit basket of flavors envelopes your tongue. The incredible aromas of orange, banana, ginger and vanilla bean will sweep you away to paradise. Hard to believe it’s made from mere grapes.
A full-bodied blend of four red, French-American grape varieties. The bouquet of Long Stem Red is a plush, earthy mix of briar fruit, vanilla and plum. Supple tannins and moderate acid compliment the rich jammy palate. Hints of cranberry emerge in the finish. Especially good with grilled foods and dark meats.
This German style white wine opens with notes of tangerines and grapefruit on a light floral background. It's crisp appley palate yields to a clean medium light finish. Food suggestions : Chicken, pasta salad and medium sharp cheese.
  Mystic Mead
® Gold Medal – Florida State Fair International Wine Competition 2004. ® Bronze Medal - New York Wine & Food Classic. The wildflower mead is a blend of premium wildflower and orange blossom honeys. The honeys are carefully selected by the winemaker for the delicate aroma qualities. The Wildflower Blend captures the rich warm honey flavors that make mead such a great complement to spicy cuisine.
Lakewood Vineyards Niagara is bursting with the fresh aromatic fruitiness of the Niagara grape, like an autumn stroll through the vineyards. Our careful cold vinification preserves this luscious essence. The perfect picnic wine.
  Pinot Noir
Deep ruby in color the Lakewood Vineyards 2002 Pinot Noir opens with aromas of cherry, plum and toast. The palate is fleshy with youthful tannins and velvety, dark fruit, finishing long and warm with hints of stone fruit.
® Silver Medal - American Wine Society Wine Competition. ® Silver Medal - New York Wine & Food Classic 2003. ® Silver Medal - Florida State Fair International Wine Competition 2004. ® Bronze Medal - International Eastern Wine Competition 2003. ® Bronze Medal - Pacific Rim International Wine Competition 2003. ® Bronze Medal - Indiana International Wine Competition 2003. ® Bronze Medal - Great Lakes Wine Competition. Made from extremely ripe, partially raisined Baco Noir grapes, this deep scarlet colored port has a big nose of raspberries, currants and toast. The palate is velvety and warm with lingering notes of cassis. The perfect accompaniment to cold nights and warm fires.
  Reserve Pinot Noir
® Gold Medal – Taster's Guild International Wine Competition. ® Bronze Medal - Indiana International Wine Competition. ® Bronze Medal - Florida State Fair Wine Competition. ® Bronze Medal - New York Wine & Food Classic. The bright cherry aroma of the Reserve Pinot Noir blend nicely with a hint of cedar and sweet, earthy tabacco. Currants and plum dominate the palate with young tannins in the finish. This wine should age nicely and be at it’s best point for enjoying 2005-2007. Perfect with lamb, grilled salmon and highly seasoned vegetable dishes.
® Silver Medal - NY Wine & Food Classic. ® Silver Medal - Long Beach Grand. ® Bronze Medal - Indiana International Wine Competition. Our 2003 Riesling opens with bright aromas of pear, citrus and a hint of peach. The palate is balanced nicely with a touch of sweetness and moderate acidity. Great served with BBQ chicken.
Though similar to our Mystic Mead Wildflower Blend, this mead has a larger proportion of wildflower honey and is finished a bit drier. It is designed to pair wonderfully with Ethiopian cuisine and spicy Indian cuisine.
From the tiny berries of the Vignoles grape, this wine opens with notes of pineapple and Golden Delicious apples on a light honeyed background. Flavors of apples and pears mingle sweetly on the tongue and finish light and well balanced. This wine pairs nicely with spicy dishes (i.e. dishes prepared with curry or cumin).
  White Catawba
® Silver Medal - NY Wine & Food Classic. ® Bronze Medal - NY State Fair Wine Competition. This pale gold Catawba opens with the lively fragrance of lime & kiwi fruit. Sweet and tart on the palate, the finish is reminiscent of star fruit. Bottled in frosted glass to reflect the crisp, refreshing nature of the wine, this Catawba is perfect on a hot summer day. Try it with foods prepared with vinegar-based marinades or sauces.


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