Old Professor Whisky Challenges the Market Share of Blenders Pride & Royal Challenges
From Thursday, February 21, 2019 To Friday, February 21, 2020
Taking pride for being the mascot of the company, the Old Professor Whisky has hard hit the Indian market with its strong presence. Its un-matchable quality at a reasonable price is one of the key factors for its achievements. Revel on the edge of life. Feel the magical concoction in your brains. Let the warmth entice your senses and enliven you gloriously! It is a by-product of best quality malts and a perfect blend of liquor and spirits. The smooth taste of the amber whisky fills the heart and soul of the drinker with utmost satisfaction. Old Professor Whisky is one of the most famous brands of Kaya Spirits and has also turned up as a symbol of the company. It retails over as the company’s second largest selling brand and has its applauders in India as well as in the international arena. The market is flooded with numerous brands of whisky like Blenders Pride and Royal Challenges who promise to offer premium taste and excellent quality. But not every promise is true and not every whisky is Old Professor Whisky!!! Kaya Spirits have a wide range of exotic products. Despite its vast range, Kaya Blenders Distilleries have always focused on quality over volume. Where in the present competitive world every firm is trying to become the leader by hook or by crook, Old Professor Whisky is a marvel for every business which wants to prosper by offering premium quality spirits at affordable rates. Kaya Spirits believe in putting in efforts which have long run results and so they are focusing on the quality of their products rather than concentrating their efforts to increase their sale volume like their competitors.

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