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Phinessé Farms Winery

Phinessé Farms Winery Phinesse' Farms is a family owned vineyard/orchard located on 35 acres in beautiful northeast Texas. The owners, Phil and Vanessa, full of love and excitement, honeymooned on their farm, thus the beginning of the journey. In 2009, Phinesse' decided to put in a small vineyard and orchard as a hobby. The climate and soil of the region has proven perfect for growing the Noble and Magnolia muscadine grapes, blackberries, and peaches. With passion, hard work, and divine intervention, Phinesse' Farms has expanded to 3 full acres of muscadine trellises and fruit trees. As our hobby turned to passion, we now have our winery licenses for the farm and in downtown Sulphur Springs. The wines range from sweet fruity blends and ports, to dry reds and whites. Experimenting as a hobby for several years, we have developed some unique wines starting with our Phinessé Farms trademark wine Noblianti. Enjoy your favorite, and if not, let's experiment. Water To Wine.


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223 Main Street, Sulphur Springs, TX, US, 75482 Email:
Phone: 903-582-2222 Web:
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  "Bella" Rosé
Our "Bella" Rosé is smart and sweet; watermelon and candied apple. It is fantastic with your favorite spicy foods or simply by itself.
  "Brilliance" Pinot Grigio
Our "Brilliance" Pinot Grigio is a shining star; subtle flavors of pear and grapefruit. Enjoy with delicate fish or pasta primavera.
  "Radiance" Riesling
Our "Radiance" Riesling will remind you of spring; floral notes of honeydew melon and pear. Enjoy with spicy sausage or asian dishes.
  "Rancher's Reserve" Tempranillo
Our "Rancher's Reserve" Tempranillo is a fantastic dry red; rich blackberry and raspberry flavors. It pairs well with a juicy rib eye steak or rack of lamb.
  "Renegade" Zinfandel Port
Our "Renegade" Zinfandel Port is an incredible dessert wine; dark chocolate, dried apricot and a hint of hazelnut. Enjoy with artisanal cheeses, or a sumptuous dessert.
  "Sundance" Chardonnay
Our "Sundance" Chardonnay will make you think of summer; crisp, fruity notes of lemon and peach. It goes perfectly with succulent roasted pork or savory chicken dishes.
  "Triple M Blend"
Our "Triple M Blend" is our signature wine; smooth, supple and delicious. It pairs well with anything from from grilled salmon to a sizzling t-bone steak
  Max's Merlot
Our Merlot is fun and easy to drink; ripe plum, caramel and vanilla. It is delicious with spicy foods and Texas barbecue.


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