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Cayucos Cellars

Cayucos Cellars History, tradition, and curiosity have always been an important inspiration to Cayucos native Stuart Selkirk. In the early 1980's, curiosity caused him to ask a neighbor of Swiss decent what the heck he was doing with a load of grapes in the back of his truck? In response to his question, neighbor Paul soon had Stuart turning the handle on an old hand-crank grape crusher. The next few days brought the job of punching down the fermenting grapes in a large wooden vat and moving the finished wine from the vat to the cellar via a bucket brigade. This was Stuart's introduction to the historical art of family wine making. The traditional values of the Swiss way of wine making handed down generation to generation is what inspired Stuart early on and formed his love of wine making. Soon a small vineyard was planted on the home ranch and the long task of developing one's own style of wine making began. Mostly self taught, Stuart loosely follows an inspired benign wine making style, ("let the grapes make the wine"), that uses neutral oak barrels and little intercession with the natural process of wine development. The grapes used in production are from the ranch vineyard, the Templeton Gap area, the Adelaida and a small amount from the Paso East side for balance.


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143 N. Ocean Avenue, Cayucos, CA, US, 93430 Email:
Phone: 805-995-3036 Web:
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  Cabernet Sauvignon
A dusty old Cab, dark as nightshade's cloak, fills the mouth with honeysuckle and rose, and boasts a classic structure with tannic undertones.
A classic chardonnay from grapes grown in the Templeton Gap: Bright straw color, citrus with tropical notes, the finish is bright, clean and lingering with a fat viscous mouth. A true “food wine” that brings to mind dishes of pork and duck.
A Chardonnay that makes your mouth tingle like the feeling of one hundred wood sprites dancing on your tongue, bearing the delicate fruits of pear and citrus in their arms, and sun herbs and cloves tied in their hair. A long, lingering, flinty and mineraly finish suggests that the little waifs may have neglected to wash their feet before the festivities.
  Pinot Noir
Reminiscent of cherries jubilee on roasted pork flesh with tea tones to follow.
Chocolate, cinnamon, and violets abound in plenty, as well as a hint of the essence of Damascus steel like that of a cutlass grasped in the mouth of a fearful brigand hiding from pursuit in a back-bay bog.
  The Rustic One
A blended wine of a distinctly European nature, with aromatics that could only be acquired by 84 long months in the barrel, it is the ultimate wine for the foods of the world. It may be the Rustic one in looks, but not in wit.
  York Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon
Follow your nose to the Rustic One's kitchen, where a nicely seared steak is merrily roasting on the grill, continuing on wandering paths across the earthen forest floor of oak leaf mulch and mushrooms just after the rain, not forgetting to stop in the cozy confines of the saddle shed for a brief respite and flitting dreams of black currants, cassis, cedar, and the smell of a fresh cigar box.
A Zin that rolls off the tongue faster than a plump elderberry on a ship deck in storm whipped seas, saved by the silkies of Scottish lore, with the smell of the ocean tides seeping slowly out of the mists. Figure that one out if you can!
This Zinfandel begs to be enjoyed with food. Extremely refreshing, it makes your mouth pucker like a five year old popping sour apple and cherry candies on a summer's day. With fruit in the nose, raspberry, pomegranate, and rosemary in the mouth, this is the perfect Zin to cool your taste buds down.


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