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Aum Cellars

Aum Cellars Since our beginning, Aum Cellars has always been 100% estate grown, synthetic free and family run. Aum Cellars is beyond sustainable, organic and even biodynamic. Aum Cellars uses the word “primordial” when describing the cleanest, healthiest and most pure way to farm and make wine. Primordial farming is a “soil first” approach for Aum farming. With our deep understanding of ecology and systematic biology, Aum farming focuses on maintaining a healthy diversity of soil microbes within the soil. Healthy soils make healthy vines. A healthy vine will mature each grape with a perfect balance of soft skins and brown seeds for soft tannins and deeper, longer textures. Balanced maturity also means the sugar content in the pulp isn’t as high as most California wines, helping to maintain proper amounts of acidity to promote age worthiness. Primordial winemaking is also a focus on maintaining a healthy diversity of microbes and probiotics in every bottle. Aum cellars captures the true terroir of our estate vineyards by being noninterventionist with our winemaking. We ferment using the wild, indigenous yeasts as a tool to increase wine complexity and do not filter our wines to help increase the texture and richness of our wines. We also don’t fine our wines, because most fining agents use animal proteins like fish bladder, cow hoof or pig skins. We allow time, gravity and respect to the gravitational pull of the lunar phases to assist in the settling and fining of our wines, which naturally make all of our wines vegan. Vegan wines apparently pair much better with red meats according to the top culinary chefs throughout the world who consider vegan wines to be more culinary in nature, especially when pairing wild game. Aum Cellars goal is to continue to make better wines each year. Our farming and winemaking is considered a sacred practice with the intention to manifest the cleanest, healthiest most pure wine available. Contact us directly for a private wine dinner at a local Napa Valley restaurant for an incredible experience or to have our delicious wines sent directly to you.


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2844 Monticello Road, Napa, CA, US, 94558 Email:
Phone: 707-266-8803 Web:
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