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Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards

Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards Pippin Hill Farm is Charlottesville's newest and most comprehensive boutique winery & vineyard, created in an authentic environment that is distinguished by a sustainable viticulture program, purpose-designed event venues, and landscaped gardens and courtyards overlooking a pristine valley. The art of entertaining characterizes our event's design expertise, cuisine, and services offering professional capabilities to handle major weddings as well as private family celebrations.


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5022 Plank Road, North Garden, VA, US, 22959 Email:
Phone: 434-202-8063 Web:
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  Hill Country Proprietors Red Prive
  New World Chardonnay
Our New World Chardonnay is processed using a cool, slow fermentation in stainless-steel barrels and new oak French oak to produce a clean and fresh pear and floral, honeyed fruit flavor. Made to be drunk young, it is simple, easy to drink and a delight with a range of foods.
  Pippin Hill Cabernet Franc
The history of Cab Franc goes back to 18th century France and before in the Loire Valley. It is one of the 'parents' of Cabernet Savignon. It is renowned for its finesse and peppery perfume, and balance of violet and raspberry palettes.
  Pippin Hill Farm Proprietors White Prive
Our Meritage blend of Vidal Blanc, Chardonnay and Traminette varietals provides an incredible depth and consistency in the wine resulting in an extremely nuanced, complex and long-lived wine. The oak aging smooths the blend of flavors and balances the roots of these varietals that range from Gew├╝rztraminer and Ice Wines to the openness of the Chardonnay.
  Pippin Hill Merlot
This popular varietal's name is thought to derive from the Old French word for young blackbird - related to its depth of color and robust nature. Our Merlot captures this strength with a distinctive range of wild berries, plum and currant flavors. The 2010 harvest is thought to be award winning with amazing maturation of the crop and the earliest harvest on record for this region.
  Pippin Hill Sparkling Blanc de Blanc
Our sparkling blanc de blanc is produced with our Chardonnay grapes in the traditional m├ęthode champagne. The result is a wonderful celebration of our winemaker's skills to produce a light, effervescent and sophisticated sparkling wine.
  Proprietor's Reserve Cabernet Franc
Pippin Hill produces a Proprietor's Barrel Reserve - aged in new French Oak, with the subtle balance of minerality and fruits. This wine will age well and increase in its depth of flavor as it ages.
  Reserve Chardonnay
The Reserve Chardonnay is fermented and aged in French oak-barrels in the traditional Burgundian method that produces a fuller-bodied and integrated wine. One of the secrets is the use of wild yeasts, which produce a complex taste with a straightforward and distinctive style - 100% meloactic fermentation.
  SummerFarm Blush
We are excited about our seasonal Rose offering - starting with our wonderful Cabernet Franc grapes, pressed with the skins in contact for a brief period of time to create this light and lyrical Rose wine. Must be drunk cold on a summer's evening.
The premier varietal of Virginia wines, Viognier can range from lightly sweet, with high residual sugars to more vigorous and spicy. Our Viognier offers a minerally and uniquely balanced taste.


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