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Mount Bethel Winery

Mount Bethel Winery Located in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Altus Arkansas, Mount Bethel Winery produces a wide variety of grape and other fruit wines made from locally grown fruit. Of the grape varieties, we produce some of the more classicals such as Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Seyval to the native American varieties such as Cynthiana, Muscat, Niagara, Concord, and Muscadine. Among our specialty items we produce a full range of fruit wines including Blueberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Elderberry, Peach, and Wild Plum. If you find yourself passing by Altus, we welcome you to stop by to visit with us, take a tour, and sample our wines.

Mount Bethel Winery is located on Mount Bethel Drive just off Highway 64, approximately 1/4 mile East of Altus Arkansas. We are only three miles from Interstate 40, approximately 35 minutes drive from Fort Smith and less than 2 hours drive from Little Rock.

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5008 Mount Bethel Drive, Altus, AR, US, 72821 Email:
Phone: 479-468-2444 Web:
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  Big Daddy Red Port
One of Mount Bethel's oldest traditions, a sweet, barrel aged port wine
Semi-sweet mellow wine made from the blackberries of the Arkansas hills
Smooth, semi-sweet wine with a rich red color, made from locally-grown Arkansas blueberries
A blush table wine made from a blend of grape juices to impart the special color and flavor
  Cabernet Sauvignon
The king of dry red wines, this wine has the palate-pleasing balance of fruit and toasty oak.
A classic dry white wine with subtle fruit notes, a hint of oak and vanilla, clean and crisp with a smooth finish. Enjoy with chicken, seafood or creamy pasta dishes.
Full-bodied, medium sweet red table wine made from Concord grapes
Full-bodied, dry ruby red wine made from Cynthiana grapes, a native Arkansas variety and a Midwestern classic
Semi-sweet, deep red color and refreshing flavor
Rich ruby red wine, aged up to 12 months in well seasoned American White Oak, with a spicy flavor balanced by the crisp berry flavor of the Merlot grape.
Fruity, medium sweet white table wine made from Niagara grapes, estate grown in the mountains of the Altus grape growing region
Sweet and tangy fruit wine made from wild Arkansas plums.
  Red Muscadine
Full-bodied sweet dessert wine with all the flavor and aroma of Noble muscadine grapes from which it was made
Very Limited. A limited vintage, mellow, deep amber dessert wine made using the traditional Spanish "flor" process, produced in oak casks
A semi-sweet wine with an aroma delicately reminiscent of the Arkansas strawberries from which it was made.
  Vintage 1998 Seyval
Unavailable. A very light, fruity, dry white wine. Also, try our Seyval Chicken recipe.
  White Muscadine
Very aromatic sweet wine made from the southern white muscadine grape
  Wild Plum
Sweet, fruity wine with beautiful color, made from fresh Arkansas wild plums


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Mary Anne Riehart says...
Our first experience at Altus was at Mount Bethel Winery and we were welcomed by the most gracious hostess who answered all our questions about wine...we tasted wine after wine and learned so much about each one..we had such a wonderful time that we took home many cases and bottles of these marvelous wines. Later we went to other wineries close by and was so disapointed by the service that was offered by each one so we highly recommend to everyone that wants to truly have a wonderful experience to go to Mount Bether Winery first.

TNWT says...
Norton Wine Review: Mount Bethel Winery was our surprise vineyard of Arkansas. Part of the fun of being at this location was learning the past storied family wine connections, meeting a few of the family members and tasting wines in the original, built into the earthen bank, stone walled wine room. Because of market demands, MBW is better known for their sweet wines, but they also incorporate some most unique dry wines under their Domaine Montel label. Their 1st crop Viognier was an example of one of these surprises. Even their sweet pink Red Noble Muscadine was a fun wine. MBW’s ‘05 Zinfandel was exceptionally smooth and their Cynthiana [Norton] was most credible, being the best at a reasonable priced Cynthiana found in the state of Arkansas. While at MBW do not leave without trying their wonderful Elderberry wine and fortified, secret blend, Tawny Port.