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OakGlenn Vineyards & Winery

OakGlenn Vineyards & Winery This winery was named for the majestic oak tree that marks the driveway entrance and in honor of the owner. Glenn and Carolyn Warnebold purchased the 150-acre property in 1997. Originally established in 1859 by the renowned horticulturist George Husmann, whom many consider the the primary influence in establishing the winemaking industry in America from Missouri to California. Situated on the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River, OakGlenn Vineyards & Winery offers a state of the art facility with the tradition of a world-class winery. Because of the rich history of the property, the Warnebolds were anxious to preserve as much of the original home as they could. The original stonewalls and the massive wine cellar were kept intact with five rows of the original Norton vines planted by Mr. Husmann continuing to be diligently nurtured.OakGlenn offers banquet/ballroom facilities, complete catering services with reservations for private events being available throughout the year.

From intersection of Hwy 19 and Hwy 100 in Hermann, go east 2.7 miles until you see the OakGlenn Place sign.

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1104 OakGlenn Place, Hermann, MO, US, 65041 Email:
Phone: 573-486-5057 Web:
Fax: 573-486-2316
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OakGlenn's Blush is a light, semi-sweet blended white wine, much like a White Zinfandel, with a fruity aroma and smooth finish.
  Chambourcin (2003)
A medium-bodied red wine with fruity aroma and cherry spicy complexities - much like a Pinot Noir.
OakGlenn's Chardonnel is a very special blending creating a lightly sweetened white wine, and producing a hint of pineapple with a fruity characteristic.
  Chardonel Oak
Chardonel Oak offers a smooth buttery flavor, which was created with a second fermentation to the Chardonel wine, then gently oaked with toasted French oak chips.
  Countryside Red
Countryside Red is a light, dry red wine with fruity characteristics. Goes well with pork, pizza or pasta.
  Estate Red Port
Bottled in March 2003 from 2002 Norton grapes OakGlenn's Estate Red Port is truly an extraordinary dessert wine, with a rich and sweet, strong berry flavor. For a heavenly experience, try serving the Port with anything chocolate for an explosion of flavor on the palate.
  Estate White Port
Debuted October 2004.OakGlenn's Estate White Port is American-oak barrel fermented and aged from premium Chardonel grapes. Honey and orange liqueur flavors dance delicately on your palate. With 20% alcohol, this truly is an after-meal sipping port.
  Husmann's Heritage
Husmann's Heritage is a semi-sweet, light red with and has a fruity taste with characteristics of strawberry and pear. A great sipping wine that we recommend serving chilled.
  Moon Beam Melody
Moon Beam Melody is a delicately blended white wine with fruity characteristics. It is semi-sweet and great for sipping.
  Norton 2000
A rich, full-bodied red wine with a dry character, similar to a Cabernet Sauvignon, yet with a spiciness of a Zinfandel. Norton's berry flavors pair well with red meat and wild game.
  Norton 2001
A rich, full-bodied red wine with a dry character, similar to a Cabernet Sauvignon, yet with a spiciness of a Zinfandel. Norton's berry flavors pair well with red meat and wild game.
  River View Red
River View Red is a red table wine with blackberry characteristics.
  Silver Moon
Silver Moon is a blending of Chardonel and Vidal Blanc, thus offering a white wine that compliments roast pork, poultry or seafood.
  St. Vincent
St. Vincent is a light, delicate, dry red wine with mild fruity characteristics and cranberry flavor. It is great with pork, veal or BBQ and may be slightly chilled.
  Sweet Caroline
Sweet Caroline is a very sweet, light-red wine. Vidal, Chardonel and Norton are combined producing a delicate cherry flavor. This is an exceptional dessert wine or a great sipping wine.
  Vidal Blanc
A dry to semi-dry white wine with fruity characteristics, somewhat like Italian dry wines. Vidal's clean Citrus flavors of lemon and grapefruit make it perfect with seafood or poultry.
  Wine Cellar Choice
Cellar choice is a white wine blending of Muscat, Vidal and sweeteners, producing a light, crisp sensation on the palate.


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rhodies says...
Norton Wine Review: We found Oak Glenn Winery while traveling the Hermann Wine trail. Though we haven’t settled on a family ranking of this Norton wine, it is strange that we keep going back to this case, and before long it will be all gone. While traveling the Hermann wine trail you will have listed six wineries. This is one of the four you should visit. The others would be Stone Hill, Adam Puchta, and Robller Winery.