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Brigadoon Winery

Brigadoon Winery Everyone is searching for a Brigadoon. Well, we found our little bit of heaven in North Central Wisconsin, located in an area largely populated by people of Finnish descent. They found here the natural beauty of their native land, rich with an abundance of wildflowers and fruit. We began with a small vineyard and apple orchard which heralded the production of our homemade jams and wine jelly. We are now expanding our vineyard to four winemaking varieties. Come try our wines, browse through our gift shop and enjoy our Brigadoon.


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2170 Clifford Road, Tripoli, WI, US, 54564 Email:
Phone: 715-564-2280 Web:
Fax: 715-564-2280
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Smooth dark wine with a bold blackberry bouquet
Light body, soft and fruity flavor on the finish
A strong, smooth textured wine with a full fruity aroma, medium oak flavor
Crisp, with a tangy cranberry tartness with a sudden burst of sweetness for the finish. Can be served at room temperature or chilled
Crisp, very fruity with a nice floral bouquet
  Good Old Summertime
Delicious raspberry blueberry wine fermented together to bring you that wonderful good old summertime in a bottle
  Highland Red
A deep red color, with a rich fragrance, and a soft fruity bouquet, medium oak
Smooth and velvety with a light fruit and oak flavor
  Northern Lights Raspberry Dessert Wine
Raspberry Wine laced with Cognac to a velvety smooth finish. Aged in French Oak, rich and warm, truly a fireside delight. Destined to be a Brigadoon Signature wine
  Pinot Noir
Smooth with a robust fruity aroma, medium oak flavor
Light, crisp, full fruity aroma
A well balanced wine, with a crisp apricot flavor
  Ruby Shiraz
Dark in color, velvety with a hint of currant berries, light oak
Medium, crisp, full fruity aroma
  White Merlot
A bright blush wine with a hint of a rich cherry texture
  White Zinfandel
Crisp tasting blush, with hints of berries and spices


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