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Dragonfly Farm & Winery

Dragonfly Farm & Winery We are a small family run vineyard, winery and maple syrup producer. We have taken our love of German Riesling Style wines and started a vineyard right here in Maine! Most of our white wines are hybrids of the Riesling Grape. Our reds are French Hybrids. We have seven varieties of whites, five reds and three fruit wines; a selection that will satisfy most palates! Take a look around our site and see what we have to offer. If you love the thought of grape growing in Maine, where it's not expected, then browse around and see how we do it. If you love Maine Maple Syrup, and are interested in how it's made, then you've found it here. But most importantly, if you want to see how dreams can become reality, look no further. Dragonfly Farm & Winery is our proof that if a family can dream, a family can do.

Located approximately 20 miles Northwest of Bangor and 7 miles east of Newport on the Mullen Road (Route 222)

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1069 Mullen Road, Stetson, ME, US, 04488 Email:
Phone: 207-296-2226 Web:
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  Blueberry Bliss
Blueberry Bliss is made from Maine Blueberries. It is a sweet dessert wine, that is best served cold!
Clarity is made from the La Crescent Grape. Similar to a good Riesling, but with pronounced apricot and honey in the nose and flavor. A great wine with universal appeal!
Edelweiss has a pleasing labrusca flavor. We originally planted theses vines to make Ice Wine, but after a couple of years of waiting for the perfect conditions without them occurring, we decided we would just pick them with the rest of the grapes in the fall. Excellent dessert wine.
Frontenac has been described as being deeply colored, with a pleasing cherry aroma, and plum and berry often evident.
  Jelly Juice
Jelly Juice is made from Concord Grapes. It's my father's favorite because it is sweet and easy to drink. Best served cold after a hard day of work in the vineyard or around the yard
Sabrevois grapes produce a medium bodied complex red wine with good tannins.
  St. Pepin
St. Pepin has a fruit quality that is similar to Riesling. One of our most popular wines. Sweet dessert wine.
  Sweet Louise
Made from Louise Swenson Grapes. A light bodied wine with a delicate aroma of flowers and honey.


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