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Joseph Filippi Winery & Vineyards

Joseph Filippi Winery & Vineyards The year 2005 uncorks the Filippi family's 83rd Anniversary and finds brothers Joseph 'J.P.' and Gino farming 80+ acres of old vines (Zinfandel, Grenache, Mourvedre, Alicante and new plantings (1996) Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Grenache Noir, Petite Sirah and Tannat in the historic Cucamonga Valley. Handcrafted Joseph Filippi wines are the result of a craftsmanship derived from tradition, passion, skill and artistry. The brothers have assembled a topflight vinification team, headed by Marc Lurton - Enologist at Chateau Reynier Bordeaux Estate, Henry M. Spate - Winemaker and Dr. Fred S. Nury - Emeritus Professor of Enology from Cal State University Fresno. With this high level of expertise, Joseph Filippi Premium Reserve selections are finding their place among California's finest.

From Los Angeles and points north, go east on I-10 to I-15 (approx. 40 mi.). Turn onto northbound I-15 (to Barstow/ Las Vegas), and travel about 3 mi. to the Base Line Road exit. Turn left (west) and drive about 3/4 mi. to the winery on your left. From San Diego and points south, follow I-15 north (approx. 2-1/2 hours) toward Los Angeles and Las Vegas. After crossing I-10, travel about 3 mi. to the Base Line Road exit. Turn left (west) and drive about 3/4 mi. to the winery on your left. From Phoenix and points east, follow I-10 in the direction of Los Angeles (west). Exit to I-15 north (to Barstow/Las Vegas), and travel about 3 mi. to the Base Line Road exit. Turn left (west) and drive about 3/4 mi. to the winery on your left.

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12467 Base Line Road, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, US, 91739 Email:
Phone: 909-899-5755 Web:
Fax: 909-899-9196
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  Alicante Bouschet Port Cucamonga Valley
Rich, deep, flavorful, sweet... just like this very unique red-fleshed grape! From the old (75yr +) Alicante vines of historic Rancho Cucamonga.
  Angelica Elena - Cucamonga Valley
A special tribute to the late Elena "Elaine" Filippi (1931-1993) and her sweet and elegant qualities. Considered California's "first" wine, Angelica is a fortified wine made of 50% Mission grape juice and 50% grape brandy and is historic to California's mission period. Angelica Elena is a reserve release held dear to all of us here at Joseph Filippi Winery. It has its beginnings in our solera-style barrel aging. The majority of the wine's volume is a combination of rich, creamy baked sweet sherry (12+ years), dry baked aperitif sherry and aged sweet Angelica. Extended aging occurs within the stave wood of 60+ year-old seasoned California redwood cooperage and contains the famous Spanish sherry grape varieties of Pedro Ximenez and Palomino (Chasselas). The label suggests that the richness is only surpassed by the heritage of the Cucamonga in which it was produced. Sweet and elegant dessert wine. Note: Due to the age of this dessert wine, there is sediment in each bottle (375mls). 19% alc by vol. Mulit-medal winner.
  Cabernet Franc Artist Series Reserve - Cucamonga Valley
Cabernet Franc, a significant component in many Bordeaux blends is a fruitier relation of Cabernet Sauvignon, less herbaceous and less tannic but more aromatic. Grown at the historic Hippard Ranch Estate Etiwanda (Est 1882), 2001 Cabernet Franc offers dark hues of red and purple with medium depth. Aromas of black currant and blackberries with hints of mint and caramel undertones. Full bodied with ripe round tannins and a spicy finish that goes the distance. Balanced complexities of berry fruit and oak make it a delicious and most interesting pour. Excellent with stronger vegetables such as eggplant and zucchini, rich cheeses, flavorful red meats and game including roasted hen and quail. Enjoy now or cellar through 2006.
  Cabernet Franc Artist Series Reserve - Cucamonga Valley
This aromatic red is gaining popularity as a stand-alone wine, as is the case with this 2002, our fourth release, Cab Franc. Grown at the historic Hippard Ranch (Est 1882) in Etiwanda, this is from Rancho Cucamonga's only Cabernet Franc vineyards. Packed full of dark berry fruit like currants and boysenberries with inviting aromas of mint, spice and hints of tobacco to entice the nose. Full bodied with ripe round tannins and a spicy finish that goes the distance. Enjoy with flavorful vegetables including eggplant, rich cheeses, full-flavored cuts of Beef, Pork, or Lamb or roasted duck. Try with your favorite rich, red meat sauce pasta or stews. Most enjoyable, our 2002 pours very nice now or will mature well through 2010. 13.5% alc. Only 312 cases released.
  Cabernet Sauvignon Artist Series Reserve - Cucamonga Valley - Hippard Ranch
The undisputed "King" of fine red wines is Cabernet Sauvignon. Only in Bordeaux France was it thought that one could grow "the finest" Cabernet. The aristocratic of all transplanted European varieties to California, the Cabernet Sauvignon, seems most at home in our Golden State. This flavorful and well-structured premium red can be found throughout the land, including right here in Rancho Cucamonga! Barrel-aged for 16 months in 1 year-old American and French white oak, 2002 was grown at the nearby Hippard-Ranch (Est 1882) in Etiwanda. 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon offers aromas of vanilla, cedar, and dark mature fruit welcomes you. Medium body with round, full, tannins and a pleasant, lingering finish. Blended with 11% Merlot and 9% Cabernet Franc, both from Hippard Ranch. Enjoy with your favorite beef, pork or lamb entree. Pours well now, or cellar through 2008. 12.7" alc.
  Cabernet Sauvignon Library Reserve - Napa Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon is the primary varietal grape of Bordeaux's famous red blends. California producers have long recognized the Napa Valley & Sonoma County as the finest growing regions in the New World. It was Cabernet Sauvignon that first brought California to the attention of the wine world & it is the most cherished red grape variety worldwide. Our 2000 Library Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon comes from one of northern Napa's most reputable vineyard properties. Dark hues of red, with aromas of currants, cassis, chocolate, with hints of green peppers and cedar. Full fruit, round, firm tannins and a long lasting mouth feel contribute to the most pleasing finish. Cellared 20 months in fine French & American white oak barrels & bottle aged nearly one year before release, this complex red pours well now and possesses the ability to age exceptionally well (through 2010). Stock up on this one! Decant & enjoy this prestigious red Bordeaux varietal from Napa Valley with most cheeses, your favorite full-flavored cuts of roasted meats, lamb, pork and game, or big hearty red-sauced pasta entrees. Each bottle signed by Gino Filippi.
  California Champagne
Delicious extra dry California sparkling wine. Great value.
  California Chianti
Popular fruity blend of Grenache and Ruby Cabernet
  California Sparkling Almond Champagne
Fresh, lively most friendly sweet sparkler with flavor of natural almonds.
  Chardonnay Reserve - Napa Valley
Unquestionably the world's most popular premium white wine grape, Chardonnay is beloved by Californians and most widely planted. Our 2003 Reserve hails from the prestigious vines of the Napa Valley winegrowing region. Stainless steel fermented with a partial malo-lactic fermentation in fine American and French white oak barrels. A fine balance between green apple and mild vanilla aromas with smooth, creamy textures. Straw-like in color with a medium body. A flavorful premium chardonnay to be enjoyed throughout the year. Pairs well when chilled with fresh green salads, mild to medium flavored cheeses, roast veal or try with your favorite fish or seafood entree. 14.5% alc. Limited production of 6,180 bottles. Stock up on this one!
  Chardonnay Reserve, Edna Valley
Flavorful and versatile, this wine pairs well with a wide range of entrees from simple to rich. Most enjoyable with soft mild cheeses, fresh green seafood salads, grilled fish, roasted poultry. Try with your favorite cream sauce pasta dish. Excellent with hearty meat casseroles or roast veal too! 13.9% alc. Only 630 cases released 12/8/05. Perhaps our best-ever. Stock up on this one!
  Cinq Vignobles - Cucamonga Valley
Fruit forward, mild oak, lingering finish. Cinq Vignobles translation: "5 Estates" referring to the five red Cucamonga varietals skillfully blended. Zinfandel 50%, Alicante Bouschet 25%, Syrah 8.4%, Cabernet Franc 8.3% and Cabernet Sauvignon 8.3%.
  Creme de la Creme - Cucamonga Valley
top-class California cream sherry. For those in love with fine dessert wine and its many styles, this sweet special sherry will delight the senses. Our "Best of the Best" solera-aged cream sherry is blended from the finest barrels of our baked sherries - produced from old vine Palomino, Mission, Grenache and famous Pedro Ximenez grapes. Rich, lingering and sensuous aromas fill your glass and satisfy the soul. Enjoy Cucamonga's Creme de la Creme. Multi-medal winner. 18.5% alc by vol. Limited production 3,812 (500mls) bottles.
  Deux Mondes Reserve Cucamonga
Deux Mondes (Two Worlds) is an ultra-premium, 100% Rancho Cucamonga-grown red crafted by Enologist Marc Lurton. Rich, deep and flavorful blend of Petite Sirah 43%, Syrah 35%, Cabernet Franc 11%, and Zinfandel 11%. Aged 12 months in new French and American white oak. Deep, attractive and complex. Full bodied, well structured, lush and round. Balanced aromas of ripe dark fruit (cherries, and berry fruit). Lingering finish. 13.8% alc. Drinkable now, will cellar well though 2012. Each bottle signed by owners Gino and J.P. Filippi and Marc Lurton, Director of Winemaking.
  Fondanté Ciello - "Sweet Heaven" Port
Close your eyes... imagine the flavor of a chocolate kiss melting with your tongue on a summer afternoon. Now open your eyes and find yourself a glass to pour this "manifestation in liquid form" of America's favorite fetish... Chocolate! Combined with the velvety rich character of our fine Cucamonga port, this release has no rivals but the fight with your guests as to who will get the last glass. The sweet creamy feel on your tongue and the aroma of chocolate make you taste what you smell. What translates as "Sweet Heaven", Fondanté Ciello truly is. The original chocolate-essenced port wine which is great over fresh berries or vanilla bean ice cream. WOW! Multi-gold medals. 18.3% alc by vol. Limited production (500mls).
  Merlot Library Reserve - Cucamonga Valley
In French, the word MERLOT translates "young blackbird" likely alluding to the grape's beautiful dark-blue color. It is the most widely planted red varietal in Bordeaux and the primary grape of Saint-Emilion and Pomerol and the most complementing varietal in famous Bordeaux blends. California of course offers a wide range of Merlot styles. 2002 Library Reserve Merlot is only the second Cucamonga Valley Merlot release to date. Grown at the historic Hippard Ranch in Etiwanda (Est 1882). We planted this small vineyard in 1997. Hippard Ranch terroir has proved to be an excellent site for the elegant and rich Merlot grape. Aged 8 months in French and American white oak barrels. Only 497 cases released. Deep red color with fresh aromas of rich blackberries, currants, coffee and chocolate. Packed with flavor, elegant round tannins and a big finish with light oak and spice. Pairs well with roasts of beef, chicken, duck, lamb, hearty stews and spicy pastas. Enjoy now or cellar to 2009.
  Mourvèdre Library Reserve - Cucamonga Valley
Mourvèdre has been native to California since the 19th century; however, its popularity has readily increased through the efforts of the Rhone Rangers in the early 1990s. Here in the historic Cucamonga - Guasti area, Mourvèdre has been growing for nearly 100 years. Our 2002 boasts large aromas of dark blackberry and currant fruit with finish of coffee and espresso with hints of tobacco. On the palate flavors of cherries, leather and oak spice are followed by firm round tannins. Hints of cinnamon and cedar meld as the wine finishes most pleasing. Our Cucamonga Valley, Mourvèdre is an elegant and unique red sure to please family and friends! Enjoyable now paired with fine cheeses, rich stews, spiced roasts of beef, pork or lamb. Try also with grilled salmon or seafood pasta!
  Muscat Canelli Library Reserve
Fresh, fruity and flavorful Muscat Canelli. The Muscat family of grapes is said to be oldest and certainly the most diverse variety in the world. 2005 Muscat Canelli offers distinctive white flowers, fresh citrus fruits and hint of fig. The crisp flavors are complimented by ferfectly balanced sweetness (not too sweet) and a full back palate with a long, delicate finish. Enjoy chilled as an apertif, or pair with sushi, spicy Oriental or Mexican cuisine or any decadently creamy dessert! 14.3% alc. Released 12/1/05. Very popular!
  Petite Sirah Artist Series Reserve - Cucamonga Valley
Petite Sirah is a black grape variety, perfectly suited to Rancho Cucamonga's foothill terroir of warm sunny days, cool nights and rocky, deep sandy loam. This thick-skinned grape produces robust wines of intense fruit with bold purple color and heavy tannin structure. This grape was once confused in California with the true Syrah/Shiraz, now however thought to be the same as the Durif grape. 2002 Petite Sirah is packed with rich fruit, round tannins, a fine acid balance and solid mouth feel. Aromas of cherries, currants and tobacco invite you for a closer look. Not for the faint-hearted, this "Monster" red is big and bold. Aged in new white oak French barrels, blended with 11% Cucamonga Zinfandel/Merlot. Pairs well with full-flavored entrees including spicy, red sauced pastas, rich roasts of beef, duck, goose, lamb and venison. Decant and enjoy the "Monster" now or cellar through 2008. Stock up on this one now. 13.8% alcohol. Limited bottling of 2928 bottles.
  Ruby-Ruby Port, Cucamonga-California
Ruby Ruby is the result of a life-long love affair with fine dessert wine productions here in the famous Cucamonga Valley. Old world winemaking practices are utilized in traditional "Solera" barrel-aging to produce this delicious ruby red port wine. Fractional blending techniques combine young red port (old vine Zinfandel, Alicante Bouchet, Grenache and Sultanina varietals) with multiple layers of aged light port. Harmonious flavors of blueberry, raspberry and semi-sweet chocolate meld with complexities of oak spice and sweetness. Enjoy Cucamonga's Ruby Ruby with an array of dessert entrees, rich aged cheese, dark chocolate or on its own for slow sipping. 19.4% alc by vol. Limited production 300 cases (500mls) bottled 2/04.
  Sangiovese Reserve - Cucamonga Valley
2004 Sangiovese is a most enjoyable, medium bodied red. Balanced berry fruit aromas and hints of soft spice. Flavorful with mild tannins, and a soft but lasting finish. Nice structure and ability to be paired with an array of foods including roasted and grilled meats. Serve at cellar temp. 62 to 70 degrees. Try with grilled salmon, roasted game hens and bbq ribs! 13.2% alc by vol. Limited production of 110 cases released March 2006.
  SEC Grenache Rosé Reserve - Cucamonga Valley
Made popular by its use in French Rhone blends as well as a base for the Spanish Rioja, the red grape Grenache has grown in Cucamonga's warm, sandy/gravel terroir for over 100 years. This fresh and lively pink wine is most friendly, off-dry (not too sweet) and ready to enjoy. Made in the style of a French Rosé™ and fermented cold, 2004 SEC Grenache Rosé™ is 100% Rancho Cucamonga grown! Aromas of fresh strawberries, watermelon, tropical fruit, and red Fuji apples. Natural acid balance, soft mild tannins. Light, fruity finish. This PINK wine pairs well with light appetizers and mildly spiced dishes. Great with mild to medium bodied chesses. Grilled ribs or chicken. Try with shellfish galore! Enjoy well chilled. 12.3% alc.
  Syrah Artist Series Reserve - Cucamonga Valley
Syrah is one of the world's most noble black grape varieties... capable of aging majestically. Widely planted in France's Rhone Valley, Syrah has become quite popular among California vintners and consumers over the past decade. Known as Shiraz in Australia, Syrah produces richly flavored, deeply colored wines. It thrives in warmer climates, making it perfectly suited to Cucamonga Valley's sunny slope, sandy, gravel alluvial fan terroir. Our true Syrah is a medium-bodied wine characterized with aromas of rich berry fruit, pepper and hints of spice. Grown at the historic Hippard Ranch (Est 1882) in Etiwanda. Round tannins and pleasant lingering finish. Aged 16 months in American, French and Hungarian white oak barrels. Pairs well with flavorful dishes including grilled lamb chops, pork roasts or game hens. Or enjoy solo! 13.2% alc. Pours proud now or cellar to 2010.
  White Riesling Reserve - Temecula Valley
Riesling is one of the most elegant of all white grape varieties and has gained popularity throughout the world including here in the vineyards of Southern California. Typically producing a wide range of wines, from sweet to dry, Riesling is an extremely aromatic grape which appeals to many! Our 2004 Reserve White Riesling was grown in the vineyards of Alex Yakut in the Eastern foothills of neighboring Temecula Valley winegrowing region. Bursting with aromas of honeydew melon and honey, this elegant premium white is bright with a soft and balanced finish. Not overly sweet, 2004 serves well when chilled with fresh fruits, mild cheeses, light desserts or enjoy with your favorite spicy Mexican entrees. Ole'! 11.9% alc.
  Zinfandel Artist Series Reserve - Cucamonga Valley
Zinfandel has been growing in our historic Cucamonga-Guasti area for over 100 years. Our family has utilized Cucamonga's unique foothill terroir for the past 82 years, producing from low-yielding, dry-farmed, headtrained "old vines." The 2002 Zin Cucamonga Valley Artist Series Reserve comes from three special vineyards, each carrying the 75+ year-old-crown. Dry farming offers low yields and rich concentrated flavors. Aromas of blueberries, blackberries and tobacco are followed by ripe black cherries and hints of leather and spice. Medium in body with round, balanced tannins. 12.8% alcohol. Barrel-aged in one-year old French, Hungarian and American white oak. Enjoy this food-friendly Cucamonga Zin with rich meat lasagna, veal Parmesan, roasted chicken or salmon. Great with thick cuts of meat or solo before or after the meal! Bottle aged to pour now, or cellar through 2007.


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