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Jamesport Vineyards

Jamesport Vineyards Jamesport Vineyards is a father-son collaboration that began in 1981 at Early Rising Farm in Cutchogue, making Jamesport Vineyards one of the North Fork's oldest vineyards. 60 acres of pristine vineyards are located here. The majority of plantings include Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. The high quality of their fruit is what gained Jamesport Vineyards a reputation and caused their fruit to be in high demand from both local and upstate wineries. Jamesport Vineyards is truly an estate winery. All of our wines are produced using only OUR high quality fruit. Ron Goerler Sr. acquired the 150-year-old barn that houses the winery and tasting room in 1986. Drawing on the great Cutchogue fruit supply as well as the talents of his son, Ron Jr., he started Jamesport Vineyards in 1989. Since then, a lot has changed, both aesthetically and agriculturally. Our tasting room has increased in size and our tasting bar has been enlarged to accommodate a growing number of visitors. Additionally, a large grassy backyard is available for Musical events, private parties and weddings.

We are located on Route 25 (Main Road) in Jamesport NY, 7 miles east of the Riverhead traffic circle. The winery is on the north side of the road behind a large white house. Watch for our sign.

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  East End Chardonnay
Complex aromas include peaches, butterscotch. These aromas appear on the palette along with citrus and melon flavors. This medium bodied wine has a crisp refreshing finish. A fine aperitif, it would also pair well with chicken or fish.
  East End Merlot
This Merlot is made in an aromatic, fruity style. Its intense sweet aromas of cherries, blueberries and vanilla dominate. Bright fruity flavors and soft medium bodied tannins give way to a long toasty finish. Our intent was to produce a serious wine yet affordable enough for everyday drinking. The resulting wine is well paired with everything from pizza and roast chicken to lamb chops. Silver at the 2005 and Bronze at the 2006 New York Food & Wine Classic.
  East End Rose
This light salmon colored Rose' has aromas of watermelon, strawberry, and cherries. The flavors are rich, soft and fruity. It is best served chilled and pairs nicely with fruit, green salads, or simply on its own.
  Mélange de Trois
A luscious blend of the three noblest varieties of Bordeaux: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. This wine's botquet is rich with blackberry, black currant and sweet tobacco. The flavors are perfectly balanced with plush ripe fruit and chewy tannins. Its finish is round and long, echoing notes of vanilla and spice. This provacative blend of three dares to be sipped and savored.
  Merlot Estate
The dark ruby hues of this wine give tint to the rich aromas of blueberry, plum and tobacco. Flavors of dark chocolate, black cherry and smoke are balanced with soft integrated tannins. The finish is long and lingering with notes of smoke and spice. This wine will improve with age and will pair well with rich flavorful dishes such as steak, veal or chicken.
  Pinot Noir
The exceptional and exquisite varietal exhibits red currant, plum and tobacco aromas with flavors of black cherry, strawberry, and coffee. Its mouthfeel is soft and velvety while the fruit on the finish in long and lingering. Smooth and silky- while ready to drink now-it will only continue to improve with age.
  Reserve Chardonnay
Only produced in exceptional vintages, The Jamesport Reserve Chardonnay is a direct reflection of the hot 2005 growing season. This wine has complex aromas of orange blossom, pear and sandalwood. Rich flavors of ripe peaches and pears persist and intensify the palate. The long texture finish includes notes of vanilla and Crème brulee. Drink with roast chicken, roast pork or flavorful fish dishes.
This Riesling presents a green gold hue, which well displays the refreshing qualities of the variety: crisp acidity, a pronounced mineral character and layers of fruit aromas. Descriptors such as honeysuckle, apple, melon and lychee. The ripeness of the grapes resulted in a great texture with a lingering fruity after-taste. Bronze at the 2006 New York Food and Wine Classic.
  Riesling Late Harvest
The Riesling grapes were allowed to hang on the vine until the end of November when their sugars become concentrated by Noble Rot. Botrytis, or "Noble Rot", dehydrates the berries, reducing the yield of fruit from 3 tons per acre to 1/4 ton per acre, but increasing the sugar content from 22 brix to a mind blowing 55 brix in 2001. This produces a wine of intense complexity and abundant residual sugar. This wine exhibits aromas of crème brulee, baked apples, pear juice, and layers of vanilla, butterscotch, and honey. Super sweet and viscous, this "Nectar of the Gods" is the ultimate dessert wine and will age indefinitely. Only 180 cases made. "My favorite is the voluptuous 2001 late-harvest riesling." New York Times - Howard G. Goldberg. Silver Medal International Eastern Wine Competition. Dold Medal - 2003 NYW&FC. 90 Points Wine Spectator.
  Sauvignon Blanc
This exuberant white was stainless steel fermented, with a small portion fermented in barrels. The barrel fermented portion gives the wine its richness and depth. The nose is intensely aromatic pineapple, mango and keylime. The flavor is rich with melon, pear and hint of fresh peaches. The bottling is more proof that Sauvignon Blanc is very well suited on Long Island. Drink with panfried scallops, whole baked salmon, chicken, veal or as an aperitif.
  Semi-Glace 2001
Semi-Glace 2001 is the name given to our Semillon dessert wine. "Semi", short for Semillon and “Glace” meaning ice in French. The grapes were frozen to increase the natural sugar content, resulting in elevated residual sugar after fermentation. Infused with hints of vanilla, layers of pineapple, peach and toffee aromas, this wine lingers on the palate. Best enjoyed after dinner with a fruit plate. Best enjoyed after dinner with a fruit plate. Only 140 cases produced. "...A light gold color, this smooth 2001..."New York Times - Howard G. Goldberg.
Picked at half ripeness; Chardonnay grapes provide freshness and delicate acidity. This versatile condiment can be used in place of vinegar allowing for a smooth integration of food and wine.


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