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Jones Vineyard Estates and Winery

Jones Vineyard Estates and Winery We are a small Vineyard and Winery. We produce about 200 cases of wine a year. We specialize in only one wine – Cabernet Sauvignon. We use only small amounts of sulfites to kill bad yeast and bacteria. We use high quality yeast to convert the natural grape sugar to alcohol. We do not add anything else. Our goal is to consistently create a high quality wine. The Vineyard Estates of Wallace and Elaine Jones are located in San Benito County, California near the city of Hollister. The vineyard was once a part of Almaden Vineyards. Almaden Vineyards which was located in San Jose, California established vineyards in San Benito County in 1956. In 1967 Almaden Vineyards leased 200 acres and planted Cabernet Sauvignon on Cabernet Sauvignon rootstock. The vineyard is planted on rolling hills at an elevation of 500 feet. The rolling hills were created from Ice Age glaciers, which left behind soil that is layered with gravel and sandy dirt - perfect for vineyards. The vineyard rows run east to west. The vines are planted 9 feet apart within each row and each row is 9 feet apart (9X9). The vineyard was watered with an overhead sprinkler system. Prior to Almaden Vineyards closing their business, the leased land was retuned to the owner whom subdivided the vineyard into 5 acres parcels. In 1990, Wallace and Elaine Jones purchased a 5 acres vineyard parcel. They built a home in the middle of the vineyard. They revitalized the 35+ years old vineyard - keeping the overhead sprinkler system. They established a contract for the grape harvest with Thomas Kruse Winery and in 1993 bottled their first wine. The contract ended in 2001 and the Jones Winery was established. Wallace Jones maintains the vineyard and is the wine maker. We age our wine and have a wine inventory that dates back to 1993. We limit our sales annually to no more than ½ of our outstanding inventory for a particular vintage year.


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6470 Vineyard Estates Drive, Hollister, CA, US, 95023 Email:
Phone: 831-636-6747 Web:
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  Cabernet Sauvignon
Always a big and bold taste and the 2004 is no exception.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A big and bold taste.


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