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New Limburg Brewery

New Limburg Brewery We’re a family company making Belgian style ales. After his studies, Mischa came back to Norfolk County and started hobby brewing with his dad Jo. The beer was such a hit with friends and family that it just took off from there. Having moved from Limburg in the Netherlands to Limburg in Belgium, they had come to appreciate the Belgian style beer. Inspired, they decided to try and recreate that beer culture in their business. New Limburg was born. With an emphasis on the Belgian style, they came out with their flagship beer, the Belgian Blond. From there a line of Belgian style beers came to be. The real ambition and point of pride is to make their own Trappist style beers. Trappist beers, traditionally brewed by monks in their abbeys, are some of the most highly regarded beers in the world. Though being the artists that they are they also experiment with different styles that result in some unique limited edition brews. But it’s not just about the beer; it’s also about the culture around it. Bringing a little bit of the Belgian beer culture to Canada was the goal; to have people come to the tasting room and enjoy themselves. It shows that we’re making a positive contribution to the community. We also like to support other local businesses by providing other locally made products. We take pride in supporting the community the way they are supporting us. People are always surprised to see a place like this out in the country. To use an old school as a brewery is quite unique. It’s nice to open an old school to the public so that people can come in and see it being used again. Want to experience it for yourself? Come visit us!


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2353 Nixon Road, Simcoe, ON, CA, N3Y 4K6 Email:
Phone: 519-426-2323 Web:
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