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Animale ANIMALE is a unique Washington winery producing intense, full-flavored red wines made from unusually ripe grapes. Animale wines emphasize pure varietal fruit qualities, strident grape tannins, and marked density. Animale wines are assertive yet approachable, and bold, yet sensuous, nuanced and seductive. ANIMALE works with select eastern Washington state vineyards, where rocky soils, cool nights, low yields, small berry size, limited irrigation, and late harvests result in special grapes that make unusually complex wines. ANIMALE began commercial production with the 2001 vintage. Production is maintained below 150 cases per year.


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PO Box 70491, Seattle, WA, US, 98127-0491 Email:
Phone: 206-782-8047 Web:
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  Cabernet Franc - Columbia Valley
95% Cabernet Franc, Alder Ridge Vineyard, Alderdale (Columbia Valley) 5% Malbec, Crawford Vineyard, Prosser (Yakima Valley
  Cabernet Sauvignon - Columbia Valley
Tantalizing aromas of candied cherries, black currants, pimentos and roasted red peppers; near-black color; dense, glycerin-like body; ample but soft fruit-tannin finish.
  Grenache - Yakima Valley
Elegant fragrances of fresh strawberries and spices; refreshing, lively acidity; food-friendly, soft finish.
  Malbec - Yakima Valley
  Maria Carmela Red Wine - Columbia Valley
Named for the winemaker's mother, this is a delectable Bordeaux-style blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Cabernet Franc, and 10% Merlot. Both Cabernets achieved incredible ripeness at the warm Alder Ridge Columbia River gorge growing site: here the Sauvignon contributes intense cherry fruit, and the Franc, distinctive spicy flavors and ripe tannins; the bit of Merlot, from the Crawford Vineyard in the Yakima Valley, makes for a rounder, more approachable wine.
  Merlot - Yakima Valley
Pleasing and enticing aromas of black cherry compote; balanced and food-friendly acidity; finishes with intriguing hints of cloves.
  Merlot - Yakima Valley - Crawford Vineyard
Not your grandmother's Merlot: a robust and full-bodied red wine with an intriguing melange of fruit, herbs and spice flavors. The old vines and long "hang-time" at the cool-climate Crawford Vineyard site make for an extraordinary and unusually intense Merlot
  Syrah - Washington
A luscious blend of Syrah from two different vineyard sources -- the cool-climate, late-harvest McIntire Vineyard, near Sunnyside in the Yakima Valley; and the warm-site Alder Ridge Vineyard along the Columbia River. The warm Columbia River site contributes exuberant boysenberry-like fruit; grapes from the cool-climate Yakima Valley site, harvested a full month later, provide firm tannins and extraordinary richness.
  Syrah - Yakima Valley, McIntire Vineyard
Fragrances of blackberries and fresh ground peppercorns; deep, nearly irridescent purple-black color; dense, concentrated and zingy flavors of plums and berries (with hints of citrus peel), finishing with ample but balanced peppery, spicy tannins.
  Zinfandel - Columbia Valley
78% Zinfandel, Alder Ridge Vineyard, Alderdale (Columbia Valley) 20% Merlot, Crawford Vineyard, Prosser (Yakima Valley) 1% Malbec, Crawford Vineyard, Prosser (Yakima Valley) 1% Syrah, McIntire Vineyard, Sunnyside Washington (Yakima Valley)


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