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Nichol Vineyard Farm Winery

Nichol Vineyard Farm Winery In 1989, by Alex and Kathleen Nichol quit their jobs, abandoned their city lives, and, with high spirits, headed east to follow their dream of opening a winery. They moved to an alfalfa field high above Okanagan Lake, below the rock bluffs of the abandoned Kettle Valley Railway line. The sunny slopes below the granite proved to be the perfect place for their vineyard. The rocks located above the Vineyard producees heat resulting in a higher quality grape. Signature wine Syrah. They took a risk by planting Syrah and St. Laurent. It was a good risk; the Syrah has won them numerous awards.

We're easy to find ... just look for directional signs at Naramata Creek (at the intersection of Naramata Road and Robinson Avenue), and also at the bottom of Smethurst Road. See map below.

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1285 Smethurst Road, Naramata, BC, CA, V0H 1N0 Email:
Phone: 250-496-5962 Web:
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  Cabernet Franc
Wow! The Cabernet Franc 2002 is a great rich one, with a tantalizing velvety ruby colour. Take a nose-dive and find aromas of black currants, licorice, dried fruit compote, and a "leafiness" that replicates the smell of sun-dried Cabernet franc leaves. Taste, and you may get hit with a big, fat, round sensation—this wine is full in the mouth with the licorice flavour evident. Prominent tannins and good acid give this wine a long, yummy finish! For those with patience, this is a wine that will cellar well for a few years.
Capriccio is Nichol Vineyard's answer to a summer white wine. And although it isn't even white, Capriccio will probably captivate those who usually stay away from red wines! Medium ruby in colour and predominant aromas of plums, cherries, and raspberries, Capriccio is deliciously silky smooth in texture, amazingly for such a young wine.
Here comes a huge wine! Impromptu is made from Michurinetz, the exotic grape whose lineage hails from the depths of Siberia! The mammoth proportions of this wine are apparent in the rich hue of damson plums. With its generous aromas of licorice, leather, raspberry jam, and hints of cherries, cinnamon, and allspice, Impromptu is a nosefull! The taste buds are hit with a panoply of flavours, including mincemeat, bittersweet chocolate, dried figs, Saskatoon pie, smoked pork, and rosemary. The fantastic heat of the 2003 growing season provided small concentrated grapes that helped create this complex wine with serious tannins. Impromptu is a keeper, and will be at its best after cellaring for a few years. On a dreary winter's day when you need some serious cheer and warmth this is definitely the wine to choose. Try pairing it with a leg of lamb.
  Pinot Gris
A brilliant salmon colour, the 2005 Pinot gris has rich and mouth-watering aromas of sweet tree-ripened pears. The colour is typical of Nichol Vineyard Pinot gris, caused by leaving the crushed grapes on the skins for 24 hours before pressing. Truly a sipping wine due to its 16 degrees of alcohol, Pinot gris 2005 is very rich with mellow pear flavours. As an aperitif wine it is a great match with salmon paté, grilled scallops, or other seafood appetizers. Could even be tried as a dessert wine to accompany pear-based delicacies!
"Luscious" is the word to describe this wine! Syrah 2002 is very dark ruby plum colour with aromas of raspberries, plums, and sweet ripe fruit. Flavours follow suit with dark fruit , raspberries and a hint of nutmeg. Very full-bodied and smooth, this wine has a long finish, with a crisp acidity. Absolutely scrumptious now, but another 2 years of cellaring would make this wine even better! We have found that Nichol Vineyard Syrah is similar to Hermitage syrahs, where 5 years from the vintage date marks a turning point when syrah really starts to open up and be ready to face the world. Enjoy with lamb, venison, a ragout of roasted root vegetables, rich cheeses, wild rice pilaf, and savoury pasta dishes.
What a colour! Syrah 2001 is dark ruby plum in hue, like the red of a brocade tapestry. A wine still in its "youth", the Syrah 2001 has a nose hinting of roasted meat and this follows through on the palate, along with yummy flavours of black cherries and licorice. Syrah 2001 is a BIG wine with lots of those tannins that allow a wine to last a long time! For those who like their "Big Reds" to knock them over the head, this is it! However, given time, these tannins will be soft and mellow. A simple dinner of steak, lamb, or venison with oven roasted potato slices will nicely complement Syrah 2001.


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