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Misty Mountain Meadworks

Misty Mountain Meadworks Misty Mountain Meadworks is currently the smallest Virginia Farm Winery. We specialize in making Mead, which some people call honey-wine. The Meadery is owned and operated by the Copeland family and located on a fifteen acre tract in the mountains bordering the Shenandoah Valley near Winchester, VA. Our beehives produce a unique flavor of honey due to the abundance of local orchards, wildflower fields, and forests. Rick, the meadmaker, has been successfully making Mead since 1983 and we feel he has come up with the winning recipe which we were encouraged to share with the public. The Mead is handcrafted from start to finish, from the bees to the bottles. Even the labels are applied by hand. (We told you we were small.) Our Mead is a traditional sweet Mead, using only honey, no other fruit or juice in the mix. Sweet Mead is an incredible dessert wine which can be served chilled or warmed, depending on the season. We enjoy serving our Mead with pears, nuts, cheeses, and even cheesecake. Mead is, of course, the beverage of choice for all solstice and equinox celebrations where it is served with everything! We are proud to say that our Mead was served at the Virginia Renaissance Faire this spring and was a great success. Our Mead is available at local fine retailers in the Winchester area. Virginia residents can order directly from us. Out of state orders are directed to the Virginia Touch store which holds a shipping license for many other states. Misty Mountain Meadworks is not yet open to the public. However, with your support, we will have a mead-hall that will make Beowulf proud.


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1531 Pack Horse Road, Winchester, VA, US, 22603 Email:
Phone: 540-888-4420 Web:
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  Misty Mountain Wildflower Mead


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