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Ginger Creek Vineyards

Ginger Creek Vineyards Ginger Creek Vineyards is a small family-owned and operated vineyard/winery in western North Carolina. We offer traditional, hand-crafted muscadine, blackberry and apple wines. Our wines are naturally fermented using only the winemakers traditional ingredients. We use no artificial flavors, colors or aromas. With our wines, the fruit is what you get. If our wine label says Carlos the wine contains only Carlos muscadines. If our wine label says blackberry the wine contains only blackberries, no additives or other unnatural ingredients. Hours: Tues.-Sat., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Take US 64 west from I-40. Left on Caldwell Pond Rd; in 1.5 miles, turn right on John Cline Rd. Turn left at end of pavement in 1 mi.

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858 John Cline Road, Taylorsville, NC, US, 28681 Email:
Phone: 866-756-4062 Web:
Fax: 704-658-0868
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  American Classic
Noble Muscadine Semi-sweet. A medium-bodied bold red, ruby in the glass and uniquelly different to the palate. Beginning with an avalanche of fruit flavor followed by a slight sweet delight and finishing with a dry spicy tang at the back of the palate. This is truly a unique wine. Pairs well with steaks, stews, or almost any style tomato sauce dishes. Satisfying dry finish.
  Baya Sylvestre
Muscadine & Blueberry Blend
  Blackberry Mystique
Blackberry Wine Semi-sweet. A wonderful cordial; a traditional Southern-style blackberry wine. Semi-sweet to be satisfying for the most discriminating palate. Will not leave a syrupy after taste but sweet enough so as to stand alone for after dinner drinks or for those special front porch sipping times.
  Delicia De Verano
Muscadine and citrus blend
  Fresa de Pasion
Muscadine and Strawberry blend
Muscadine and cranberry blend
  Jeh'n Cheel
Carlos Muscadine Semi-dry. A delicate white wine with a wonderful aroma of fresh fruit, a slightly nutty and light oak flavoring goes wonderfully with fresh salmon steaks, fresh tuna, grilled chicken or pork, or almost any alfredo style italian sauce. Lighyt crisp finish
  Salida Del Sol
Very light and fruity peach and muscadine blend
Muscadine and cherry blend


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