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Heron Wines

Heron Wines Remember in the early ‘90s when Merlot was the “it” grape? Writers wrote about it, merchants merchandized it and consumers consumed it in great quantities. Problem was, most of the Merlots on the market at the time were overpriced and underwhelming. They rarely lived up to their billing as softer, juicy, fruitier versions of Cabernet. That gave Laely Heron an idea. Having spent a number of years in France studying wine, she knew where to find high quality Merlot at reasonable prices. The Languedoc, or as Laely calls it, the "Wild, Wild West of France," was an up-and-coming region capable of producing delicious Merlots that would put the domestic competition to shame. Though she knew nothing about business and had only two credit cards to her name, Laely headed back to the land of the Gaulles. There, Laely met two young Frenchman. One man’s family had an old-vine Merlot vineyard and the other had a winery next door – perfect for her start. She obtained a 20-year lease on a single vineyard property in St. Chinian and began making her award-winning French Merlot, which debuted in the U.S. in 1995 and continues to make today. As things have evolved over the years, Heron’s portfolio has expanded to include California Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah; Pinot Noir from Limoux in the Oceanic zone of southwestern France; and a six varietal blend called Sexto from Terra Alta, one of the most exciting wine regions emerging in Spain. Heron’s philosophy and wines are direct reflections of Laely’s spirit and experiences – pioneering, adventurous, smart, adaptable, irreverent, non-traditional and international. * We at Heron think delicious fine wines should be an unalienable right. * Our wines are soulful and true. To achieve greater balance, flavor and character we use small-lot, hands-on winemaking methods and French oak exclusively. * Heron vinifies fruit from around the world, from the best appellations for each varietal. * In California we work with premier sites in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Santa Barbara, Russian River, Carneros and Santa Maria. * We still make our French Merlot, which is now used as benchmark teaching wine at the Institute of Enology in Montpellier, France. * Our Spanish wine, Sexto is in limited release to rave reviews. * We continue to search the globe for the next great, lesser-known region capable of producing delicious, distinctive and definitive wines. * Heron wines have been continuously praised as “Best Buys” by the national wine press. Often the praise compares Heron with much more expensive wines. For the last decade, Heron has been a “cult wine” among master sommeliers and chefs and a favorite “by the glass” pour in the nation’s top restaurants.


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2269 Chestnut Street #861, San Francisco, CA, US, 94123 Email:
Phone: 415-563-6931 Web:
Fax: 415-563-4255
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  Heron Cabernet Sauvignon California
Deep, lush and highly aromatic, rich with red currants, ripe cherries and cassis, balanced by beautiful tones of vanilla from French oak.
  Heron Chardonnay California
Tropical aromas leap out of the glass, and the flavors of lemon, lemon marmalade, passion fruit and mango with a touch of vanilla on the medium-length finish.
  Heron Merlot California
A balance of lush, ripe California fruit with just the right amount of oak, allowing the true character of both the vineyards and varietal to shine through.
  Heron Merlot France
Possesses the concentration and character that can only come from old vines, low yields, extended maceration and great terroir, this wine features plums and cherries. The palate is all currants, mocha and cassis. It is harmonious and delicious.
  Heron Pinot Noir France
Delicate spice, exotic aromas with strawberries, sandalwood and vanilla, this is a remarkably elegant and complex Pinot Noir.
  Heron Syrah California
Rich flavor and versatility, this wine offers great depth, a spicy/peppery bouquet and a beautifully balanced (not heavy) finish.
  Sexto Terra Alta
Sexto is a sexy blend of six Spanish grapes that is fresh, fruit-laden, spicy, and captures the unmistakable flavor and character of northeastern Spain.


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