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Lava Rock Brewing Company

Lava Rock Brewing Company


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2220 Unser Blvd, Albuquerque, NM, US, 87120 Email:
Phone: 505-615-2802 Web:
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  2002 Dolcetto
Our Blue Teal Vineyards Dolcetto is fresh and lovely, with pure fruit in a lively but balanced package. This medium-bodied red wine is full of pretty blackberry, mocha and oak notes with sweet tannins.
  Beaujoalis Nouveau
Celebrate the Harvest! This red wine is easy-to-drink and fruity. With very light tannins, it is an excellent transitional wine for exploring the world of red wines. Drink immediately. Best served chilled with cheeses such as brie, mild cheddar and swiss.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Lush ripe berry flavors enhanced by light oak. Full-bodied, medium acid with great tannins. Try with steak, prime rib, sausages, or pasta with spicy red sauce.
Rich and full bodied, our Chardonnay has flavors of figs, caramel, and lemon, with a nice toasted oak accent. Medium body and acid. Try with grilled salmon, shrimp scampi, or roasted chicken.
  DH Lescombes Brut
Our Brut has beautiful soft, fine bubbles, nicely balanced acidity, and a crisp clean finish. Perfect for all your special occasions Dry.
  DH Lescombes Cabernet Sauvingon
A smooth and well balanced wine featuring subtle roasted coffee, black currant , black cherry, chocolate , and herb flavors finishing with firm tannins.
  DH Lescombes Chardonnay
Hints of lemon, apple and a touch of nutmeg to go along with the vanillin from the oak. The flavors are bright and clean and accented by firm acidity.
  DH Lescombes Chenin Blanc
Semi-dry with a distinct floral aroma which carries onto the palate with tastes of citrus and melon. A perfumed character with notes of ginger and herb compliment its' well-structured acidity. Highly versitile wine which pairs well with poultry, pastas, seafood and spicy Asian or Mexican foods.
  DH Lescombes Fume Blanc
A lovely melon, vanilla and citrus nose folds nicely into a ripe and complex finish with lingering tastes of citrus and a hint of smoky oak.
  DH Lescombes Imperial
Our famous Raspberry Sparkling Wine! We take our Brut Sparkling Wine and add raspberry liqueur to create Imperial Kir. Semi -sweet with lingering raspberry flavors. Exceptional as an aperitif, well suited for dessert.
  DH Lescombes Port
Our Port features the heady aroma of flowers, minerals and blueberries. Rich and full-bodied, and delightfully sweet. Smooth velvety tannins and a nice long finish. Limited Production.
  DH Lescombes Ratafia
The ultimate in dessert wines. Sweet, rich, with tastes of honey, tropical fruit, and ripe pears, this wine is wonderful after dinner. Each bottle is individually hand-painted, so no two bottles are alike! 500ml
  DH Lescombes Royal Kir
Like the famous French Kir Royale, this Black Currant Sparkling Wine is made with our Brut Sparkling Wine and a dash of crème de cassis. A delicate sparkling wine with the subtle taste of black currants.
  DH Lescombes Syrah
Our DH Lescombes 2001 Syrah features a delightful nose of black pepper, cassis and cherry, while the palate will detect anise, fresh herbs, and black cherry, with a nice toasted oak finish.
A beautiful deep ruby colored wine with luscious raspberry, black currant and black cherry flavors. Very smooth rounded tannins try with roasted lamb, aged cheese, rib roast, or venison.
A delightful sweet dessert wine with tastes of ripe figs, golden raisins, and pears with a rich and spicy finish. Pairs well with fruit, butter cookies, and Mexican or other spicy foods, or have a glass as an aperitif!
  Pinot Grigio
Light, fruity and refreshing with notes of honeysuckle, melons and pears in the lively dry white wine. Very crisp with nice acidity levels. A perfect complement to all seafood, and especially to oysters and sushi.
Our Riesling is a semi-sweet medium bodied wine with tastes of pineapple, honey, and ripe pears. Try as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to fresh fruit or fruit tarts. Also goes great with spicy Pacific Rim cuisine.
  Rio Rojo
Our Blue Teal Vineyards Rio Rojo is a special table wine created to accent Mexican food and other spicy food. It is on the sweet side, with lots of luscious fruit, low tannins and low acid. Great for summer sipping, too!
Our sparkling rosé is sure to please. A light, fruity body that is full of lively character. Perfect for special occasions or to enjoy on a summer day.
Bright and aromatic, this dry red wine has tastes of plum and berry, with a slightly nutty finish. The light body, low tannins and firm acidity make it a good choice for grilled salmon, stuffed tomatoes, and ham.
This full-bodied, soft red has light tannins with hints of juicy black cherry. A wonderful compliment to a choice cut of grilled steak.
With tastes of peaches, apples and citrus and a touch of oak, this full-bodied dry white wine has a long round finish with nicely balanced acidity. Makes a nice match for quiche, mussels, and risotto.
  White Merlot
A wonderful alternative to White Zinfandel! This light fruity blush wine features incredible berry flavors, particularly strawberry. Great for summer sipping! Try with hamburgers, grilled chicken, guacamole and enchiladas.
  White Zinfandel
White Zinfandel is America's most popular varietal wine! Ours is light and fruity, with a hint of strawberry in the nose. Great with barbeque, mexican, thai, and chinese.


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