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Chaberton Estate Winery

Chaberton Estate Winery Chaberton Winery and the Bacchus Bistro are truly a unique experience to visit and dine. Located in South Langley, just 45 minutes from Vancouver, BC. We offer daily tastings in our boutique tasting room, winery tours and exquisite dining with authentic french cuisine in the Zagat rated "Excellent" Bacchus Bistro over looking the 55 - acre vineyard. In the tasting room enjoy tasting varietal wines from our full selection of 100% BC VQA red and white wines made from grapes grown locally in our Fraser Valley vineyard and specially selected vineyards from the South Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys.

From the West: Scenic Route: Take 99 South to 8th Ave (just before the border) and go east along 8th Ave. It actually bends onto 4th Ave to go around Campbell River Park. At 216th Street, turn left (North) and go a couple of hundred meters and find the winery on your right. Fast Route. Take Hwy 1 to 200th Street. Exit South onto 200 St., Follow to 16th Ave, turn left (East) and go to 216th Street, turn right (South) and find the winery on your right. From the East: Scenic Route: On Hwy 1, take the Mt.Lehman exit, just west of Abbotsford, and onto the Fraser Hwy. Follow Fraser Hwy, turn left (South)onto Lefeuvre Rd. Turn right onto 16th Ave and then left onto 216th Street. Fast Route: On Hwy 1, exit at 200th Street, go South to 16th Ave., turn left on 16th, then right onto 216th Street.

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1064 - 216th Street, Langley, BC, CA, V2Z 1R3 Email:
Phone: 604-530-1736 Web:
Fax: 604-533-9687
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  Bacchus (1) VQA
The Estate's award-winning Bacchus is a truly refreshing and balanced white wine. This varietal grape (cross of Riesling-Silvaner x Müller-Thurgau) is high in body and character and although it requires a skilled cultivation, the experienced vintner is rewarded with with intense flavours and rich aromas of peach and light Muscat.
  Cabernet Sauvignon (0) VQA
Grapes from the "golden mile" area of the South Okanagon were hand picked at the peak of perfection. Cabernet Sauvignon is the grape variety that, above all others, has adapted best from the Old World, to the New. The grape is small and thick skinned yielding wine that is dark purple in colour. The cassis and berry notes are highlighted by the soft, smooth tannins and long legs. Hints of toasty light oak was developed during the 14 months aging in the small French oak barrels.
  Canoe Cove Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon is often referred to as the “King of Red Wine Grapes". Canoe Cove Cabernet Sauvignon is deep red with a garnet edge. It has a soft entry carrying an overtone of a rich cassis entry followed by complex bouquets of fruit. There are hints of with dill, boysenberry, bell-pepper and celery flavors. It gives a very balanced long finish. This is a wine that is ready to drink but will also reach fullness with the passage of time.
  Canoe Cove Cabernet Sauvignon \ Merlot (0) VQA
Specially selected grapes the from Black Sage Bench area of the South Okanagan were aged in small French oak barrels for over a year. This hand-crafted blend of "noble Bordeaux varietals" has rich berry flavours, subtle nuances of anise, toasty oak and black pepper. It is perfectly balanced with a long smooth finish. The Canoe Cove wines have been produced in response to those of you who are looking for wines with a 'New World' taste. The blend on the 2003 vintage is Cabernet Sauvignon 70% and 30% Merlot.
  Canoe Cove Chardonnay (0) VQA
Aged in small French oak casks for 6 months. Light, toasty oak nose, fresh fruit flavors of apple, pear and tropical fruit. Smooth caramel, nutty, vanilla and honey finish. Excellent body, clean and crisp. Canoe Cove wines are made for those looking for a "New World" style wine.
  Canoe Cove North Bluff Red (0) VQA
Previously sold out, but now back on our shelves A premium Merlot blend from South Okanagan grapes. Medium bodied with rich flavours of black cherries and strawberries. Subtle hints of spice, sweet ginger and black pepper are apparent. Canoe Cove wines are made for those looking for a "New World" style of wine.
  Canoe Cove Shiraz (0) VQA
Heat loving Shiraz grapes from the Black Sage Bench were hand selected for the elegant red wine. Rich and fruity. raspberry, cherry and plum notes with a touch of smoky oak, caramel and cinnamon. Long and silky smooth finish.
  Canoe North Bluff Pink
Canoe North Bluff Pink is a 100% BC Zinfandel wine with a very sophisticated twist. This beautiful blush-coloured wine boasts subtle strawberry, raspberry and plum flavors that tantalize the palate, making it a favourite for everyone on any occasion. A light, crisp and refreshing wine with a pastel rosé colour that reflects its youthful innocence. Its delicate bouquet hints of light floral, spice and fruit aromas. Light in body and medium dry, it has a well balanced clean fruity flavour. This exceptional new blend exhibits berry and citrus aromas with juicy orange notes which make for a deliciously bright finish. A refreshingly complex wine crafted in a balanced off-dry style. Serve chilled on its own, or with many, many food choices.
  Canoe North Bluff White (0) VQA
Canoe is a new line that has been produced in response to those looking for a wine with a "New World" taste. North Bluff White is a premium blend of our Estate grown grapes. Citrus flavours are accented by hints of ripe apples, candy, vanilla and a touch of oak.
  Chaberton Blanc (0) VQA
This exceptional blend of Madeleine Angevine, Bacchus and Chardonnay varietals is a versatile white wine with hints of peach, tangerine and vanilla.
  Chaberton Rouge (0) VQA
A blend of Merlot, Gamay Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, making it a complement to any flavourful dish. It is light to medium in body with soft, fresh berry notes and a touch of spice on the finish. A medium bodied red wine with smooth tannins and subtle oak maturation. Pleasant taste with modest plum and red cherry flavours, picking up a hint of spice
  Chardonnay Barrel Reserve (0) VQA
Aged for 9 months in a combination of new French and American oak barrels. Perfectly balanced. Fresh tropical fruit flavors. Buttery smooth with just a hint of toasty oak.
  Chardonnay, unoaked (0) VQA
Packed with juicy flavours of crisp ripe apples, pears, pineapple and melon. A light hint of exotic spice blends exquisitely into the long, smooth finish. The balance and body on this fruity Chardonnay make it one to remember. Our unoaked Chardonnay is made from grapes grown in the Okanagan Valley and was only every in stainless steel tanks. We do this so that the discerning flavours of the Chardonnay grape is not masked by the sometimes overpowering notes of oak. A true Chardonnay!
  Gamay Noir (0) VQA
A rich deep coloured wine, full bodied and oak-barrel aged. Our first Gamay Noir! Exquisite colour and luscious pepper notes. This fresh and fruity red wine has a crisp clean finish and as with all Gamays, it is consumed young
  Gewurztraminer (0) VQA
The intense floral nose delight the senses with hints of sweet roses, peach and apples. This light white wine has an intense floral bouquet with spicy overtones of apricots, peaches and pears - a delight to the eye,nose and palate. As a bonus there are subtle citrus flavours with hints of black pepper and spice.
  Madeleine Sylvaner (0) VQA
Madeleine Sylvaner is an elegant French style white wine, crisp and refreshing with a exquisite finish. It is a distinctively dry. crisp and refreshing wine, brimming with pear, melon and honeysuckle notes
  Meritage (0) VQA
A classic blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon that gives the Bordeaux varieties strong competition. It has black current aromas and a complexity that comes from 14 months in small oak casks. This wine is excellent right now and will even get better with age. If you want to improve your cellar, the 1998 Meritage is a 'best choice', without doubt!
  Merlot (0) VQA
MERLOT BARREL RESERVE (0) VQA arises from the "golden mile" of the south Okanagon valley where the sun's ability to produce rich grapes is optimized. Merlot is a larger, thin skinned grape. It buds and ripens early, but is susceptible to spring frost. Grapes from the "Golden Mile" are of the South Okanagan were exclusively grown and hand picked for Domaine de Chaberton's winery.
  Ortega (2) VQA
Light and sweet, our Ortega table wine is made from grapes grown in our Fraser Valley vineyard. Perfectly balanced, the light citrus notes combine with rich apple and pear flavours.
  Ortega Botrytis Afected (8) VQA
This exceptional dessert wine displays tremendous freshness and definition. Botrytis, the beneficial bloom on the grapes (Edelfäult in German), increases the sugar content of the grape. The grapes are picked during a narrow window in time to have the melon and exotic fruit notes blended together into a long, silky smooth finish. It keeps well in the bottle.
  Pinot Gris (0) VQA
This is our first Pinot Gris. It won medals even prior to its commercial release. It has soft tints of butterscotch on the nose, Light citrus, pear and pinapple fruit flavours abound. Complex soft taste with a touch of vanilla and spice on the finish. If you visit our wine boutique, our Pinot Gris is a "must taste" wine. Soft hints of butterscotch on the nose. Light citrus, pear and pineapple fruit flavours abound. Complex soft taste with a touch of vanilla and spice on the finish.
  Syrah Barrel Reserve (0) VQA
Robust, dark and hearty. The strong varietal characteristics of blackberry and jam harmonize perfectly with the smooth vanilla, spicy/clove and dark chocolate finish. Excellent aging potential. On the left-lower front label of the Syrah you will see a Chinese character seal. This stylized representation of the word "Superior" was designed by renowned Chinese calligrapher, Tang Chieong Shing.


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