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Cellars de Santom Winery

Cellars de Santom Winery The home of Cellars de Santom winery is nestled among the rolling hills and lakes of Southern Illinois near Ava. Our abundant sunshine ensures consistent grape harvests year after year so we are able to bring you the finest wines in southern Illinois. Our art of winemaking begins in the vineyard with hand nurtured grapes that we pick at their peak of maturity, then slowly ferment in an array of tanks to enhance, balance and bring out the best the fruit can offer. The use of punched cap fermentation, a labor-intensive, hand-crafted method of winemaking, sets Cellars de Santom apart from many of today's wineries. We believe in the use of technology but also believe many of the old traditional ways produce a better tasting wine. We invite you to come taste the results yourself.

From Murphysboro, go North on Rt 127. Turn left (West) on Ava Road. Go 8.6 mi to Lone Oak Road. Turn left (South) on Lone Oak Road 0.8 mi to the Cellars de Santom entrance on the right.

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2709 Lone Oak Road, Ava, IL, US, 62907 Email:
Phone: 618-534-6282 Web:
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  Black & Blue
This favorite is a blend of blackberries and blueberries that delights the palate. Excellent as an after dinner wine with your favorite chocolate dessert or ice cream. It is also another of those sipping on a lazy day afternoon wines.
If you like a semi-sweet to sweet wine bursting with rich blackberry taste, Cellars de Santom's Blackberry wine is sure to be on your list!
Smooth, semi-sweet wine with a rich deep color and a luscious blueberry character.
A full bodied, dry, red wine. Excellent with steak or beef.
A dry white wine with a hint of the french oak we use in the aging. Excellent with chicken, fish, or as a casual wine.
A delightful blend of Raspberries and Cranberries that pleasures the palate with a blush of semi-sweet taste followed by a subtle dry taste. Excellent with salads or for just sipping on a lazy day.
Our DemiSec is a classic that can be enjoyed anytime. The blending of three wines results in a pleasant, semi-sweet wine with hints of the three different grapes we use. Excellent as a before dinner wine or with you favorite salad.
A full bodied, dry, red wine, bursting with berry flavor. Excellent with steak or beef.
  Frontenac - Sweet
Available only in 375ml bottles, this excellent wine goes well as an after dinner drink or with your favorite cheesecake.
  Lone Oak Red
A lighter bodied, dry, red wine made by early pressing. Excellent with steak or beef.
A full bodied, dry, red wine. Excellent with steak or beef.
The delightful peach aroma followed by the excellent taste will remind you of biting into a cold, fresh peach. Excellent with salads.
  Santom Gold
A semi-sweet white wine. Excellent with spicy dishes.
  Santom Red
A semi-sweet red wine. Excellent with pizza or spicy dishes.
The characteristic taste of the Seyval grape shows through in this dry white wine. Excellent with chicken, fish, or as a casual wine.
The characteristic taste of the Vidal grape is gently nudged by a hint of sweetness. Excellent as a before dinner wine.


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