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Kitzingen Brewery

Kitzingen Brewery Located in Bavaria, Germany, the town of Kitzingen is rich with history and spirited folklore. In fact, as legend has it, had a Countess not lost her scarf sometime between 700 and 800 AD, the town may have been something very different today. Perhaps it would have been all vineyards for wine makers as the area is rich for grapes to this day. It is believed that the Countess lost her scarf when the wind took it from her as she gazed from a tower in her castle. She soon put out word that she would build on the site where her favored scarf was found. When a shepherd named Kitz brought her the scarf and showed her where he found it, she kept her word, and Kitzingen was founded. Thirteen hundred years later, it is now a bustling city. And formerly the home of two United States Army bases. Visitors to Kitzingen frequently visit the Falterturm, also known as the Leaning Tower. It is believed the top of the tower has been lopsided since it was built during the 13th Century. Local lore says that because of a draught, the builders had to use wine instead of water to make the mortar for the tower. Some say the wine itself caused the top of the tower to lean. Others believe the tower leans because the workers were drinking the wine while they were building. Dracula also makes an appearance in the legend of the Leaning Tower. Locals say that the golden ball that is placed on the top of the tower holds the heart of the Count. Others will add that the tower leans and points the ball with at what some believe is the tomb of Count Dracula. In keeping with the vampire theme. It is believed that the builders, sober or not, added windows shaped like crosses to the tower to help ward of the blood-sucking fiends. The tower still stand and leans today and hosts a museum dedicated to Fasching, a pre-Lenten festival.

Only 2 miles west of 131 & 44th St. on the SW corner of 44th St. & Burlingame Ave. in Chateau Centre strip mall)

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