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Abundance Vineyards

Abundance Vineyards Abundance Vineyards is a family owned and operated boutique winery. It has evolved from hard work and creative minds melding together to create over a decade of quality, fine standing wines. The owners, Dino and Ron Mencarini, have been pioneers in the Lodi winegrowing region since before 1951. Their passion for the industry brought about their interest in producing great wines for an even greater value. The family lives by the philosophy of “Good friends, good food and good wine bring about an ABUNDANTLY good time!”


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1150 W Turner Road, Lodi, CA, US, 95242 Email:
Phone: 209-334-0274 Web:
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  2001 Viognier, Talmage Block
The Talmage Block displays the full panorama of flavors that can be found in this wonderful varietal. Floral notes play on fruit notes with just the right touch of creamy-vanilla oak.
  2003 Chardonnay, Clos d’Abundance
Russian River Valley, the darling appellation of Sonoma County. With her misty mornings, sunny afternoon laughter, and sensually cool evenings, she coaxes the most flavors from the golden grapes gently squeezed into this bottle. As noble as a Russian Prince and as delightful as a French courtesan, our Chardonnay is sure to please all.
  Abundantly Rich Red
The 2003 Abundantly Rich Red is made entirely from our Mencarini Family grapes in Lodi. This vintage of our famous Rich Red is another stellar addition to our reputation for producing outstanding, value oriented wines. The rich blend of old California varietals Zinfandel and Carignane leaves nothing to the imagination. This wine is loaded with intense fruity aromas of Bing cherries, plums and blackberries in contrast with chocolate and toasty aromas contributed by the judicious use of oak barrels. The mouth feel is full with soft, ripe tannins, and the finish is long and almost sweet without being sugary.
  California Merlot
The 2002 California Merlot is our very first release and a proud accomplishment. It is an opulent blend of 18% French Camp Syrah from Paso Robles and 82% Merlot from the Mencarini Vineyards in Lodi. On the nose, this Merlot opens with slightly toasty and smoky aromas and continues with ripe Bing cherries and plums. With further aeration of the wine, the aroma profile develops with the addition of some mineral notes, classic varietal Merlot “dustiness” and slightly earthy nuances. The mouth feel is well balanced and remarkably soft for a young wine, and the finish is medium to long with overall fruit impression.
  Chardonnay, Bien Nacido
Little 'Y' Block of Bien Nacido Vineyards contains limestone shale in sandy alluvial soil. The limestone minerallyness insistently structures the wine from which the fruit is lifted up and out of the glass.
  Old Vine Zinfandel
An old vineyard of Zinfandel in the winter is a sculpture gallery. The leaves have fallen off and winds have blown them across the road. If you get there before the pruning, you can see all the work of the vine as it is laid bare. This is a chance to see how much work nature goes through just to bring us the good stuff. The bundle of canes is just one year's work, the arms of the vine are decades of work, and the trunk is measured in fractions of centuries.
  Old Vine Zinfandel
Lodi holds a namesake for wonderfully sought after Old Vine Zinfandels. These Old Vines demand a kind of respect when caring for their fruit, thus yield a juice rich, spicy and perfectly structured. This relationship can serve as a metaphor for the Mencarni family, who has served many generations, passing on their vines to third generation brothers, Dino and Ron. Our Old Vine Zinfandel surrounds the palate sound and strurdy, eveloped in spicy clove and juicy berry concentrate. Mature oak tannins frame a well balanced, sturdy wine with moderate alcohol that enhances the lengthy finish. We have created a wine to sit and think about. Enjoy this wine with a variety of foods from fresh tomato sauces on pastas, your favorite Italian food to grilled meats and BBQ or with and array of unique and strong cheeses. We also suggest simply enjoying this wine by itself; a true expression of a classical American Wine!
  Pinot Noir, Bien Nacido
The fruit from this vineyard bears the distinctive character of the Upper Santa Maria Valley. This unique part of the appellation gives a spicy underlying mix of black pepper, grapefruit, various types of dried mints and tobacco/leathers. Aromas of blackberry jam, hints of warm tangerines and pomegranate with a high note of cedarwood give way to flavors of black pepper, tobacco and leather. A restrained use of oak adds just the right amount of toast, toffee, and other fire-driven flavors
  Pinot Noir, Brick Hill Block
Brick Hill Block is a uniquely situated vineyard nestled between the Carneros grape growing district to the east and the Russian River Valley appellation to the northwest, combining the best attributes of both companions.
  Pinot Noir, Brick Hill Block
Brick Hill Block is a uniquely situated vineyard nestled between the Carneros grape growing district to the east and the Russian River Valley appellation to the northwest, combining the best attributes of both companions. On the nose, the first impression is an intriguing and complex aroma of earth, herbs and leather leading to a second layer of creamy blackberry, cranberry and grapefruit zest. The mouth feel is silky soft with a solid middle and long, balanced, juicy finish.
  Syrah, French Camp
Walk out to the edge of the ridge where these vines grow, and gaze. Before you stretches the tribal land of the Chumash, and the ranches of the Rancheros. You can feel an Old California that only comes in glimpse now. And in this wide open sky, French Camp Syrah basks.
  Talmage Block Viognier
More and more winedrinkers are finally discovering the pleasures of Viognier, a white grape from the Rhone Valley that's made inroads with winegrowers across the world. Abundance Vineyards' Viognier shows why this grape makes a great alternative to super-crisp Sauvignon Blancs or over-oaked Chardonnays; it's a soft, silky wine, with a wonderful nose of lilacs, nectarines, and hazelnuts. It does see some oak-aging, mainly to firm up the wine's smooth, creamy texture. The Abundance Vineyards Viognier complements spicy Asian food, perfect for keeping the heat in check. Try it with chicken, fish, or seafood; salads are also a possibility.


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