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Michael David Winery

Michael David Winery These days, Michael and David Phillips represent the fifth generation of growers in Lodi, and things are changing. With 350 acres of premium wine grapes, there is plenty of room for experimentation and innovation. The vineyards are irrigated by the Mokelumne River, which carries crystal-clear water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, depositing minerals into the rich soils upon which the grapes thrive. Though not certified organic, Michael~David Vineyards strives to use all natural methods including integrated pest management, beneficial insects for pest control, trellising, leaf pulling and natural mined sulfur for mildew control.

Get onto Highway 5 from just about wherever you're coming from, then take the Lodi/Highway 12 exit. We are located at 4580 West Highway 12 about a mile and a half east of Highway 5. Keep your eyes peeled for our Phillips Farms fruitstand on the south side of the road.

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4580 W. Hwy. 12, Lodi, CA, US, 95242 Email:
Phone: 888-707-9463 Web:
Fax: 209-368-5801
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  6th Sense Syrah
I smell with one nose, an ancient black nose, a memory lingering, briefly exposed. I see with two eyes, through shadows and lies, a secret revealing, wrapped in disguise. I hear with my ears, three fallen tears, echoing softly, heightening my fears. I taste with my tongue, my panics begun, four sides enclosed, melding as one. I touch with my hands, a sinister plan, five fingers discerning where I do stand. I sense with my mind, a thought so unkind, I’m trapped six feet under in a bottle of wine.
  7 Deadly Zins
Seven of Lodi's best growers gave their souls and the firstfruits of each of their old vine vineyards to contribute to the layered complexity of this fanciful blend. Soft, supple pepper and licorice-clove notes merge into a sinful marriage of deep, brambly blackberries and lustful cherries. The finish is clean on the palate with hints of rich vanilla, cocoa, and mild tannins.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Extended skin contact and frequent punching down result in a rich extraction of the fruit. French oak barrel aging contributes layers of vanilla and oak to this wine's true Cabernet Sauvignon varietal character, complete with great color and complexity.
  Don's Lodi Red
Carignane, Syrah, a splash of sweet Symphony and a dash of love are the main components of this wine, which was produced to honor and surprise our father, Don Phillips, on his 75th birthday. This is an atypical blend of red and white wines, with lovely fruity characteristics of Symphony added in order to please Don's amiable palate. This is an easy-drinking, everyday, great quality, red table wine. Or, in the words of Wine, the three stars Lodi Red is "a great quaff at a bargain price."
  Earthquake Syrah
Earth-shattering Syrah fruit trembles throughout the nose with dried cranberry and subtle hints of green tea. Bing cherry and dried plum round out the bold tannins, leaving just a hint of cedar with a warm lasting finish.
  Heavenly Chards
Heavenly Chards of an angelic line, Each with a task, simply divine. Chardonnays Justice, balanced and true, Resurgence of light, life brought anew. Chardonnays Temperance, patient and mild, Riding the storms and taming the wilds. Chardonnays Prudence, cautious and wise, Embracing the earth, arms to the skies. Chardonnays Faith, the intangible shield, Solid as stone, refusing to yield. Chardonnays Endurance, the river within, Rising to flow, again and again. Chardonnays Hope, a spark to ignite, An unquenchable flame, a beacon of light. Chardonnays Love, reigning supreme, Uniting them all in this heavenly dream.
Incognito's grapes are grown in the Ripken Vineyard, east of the Carquinez Straits in the Sacramento River Delta region of California. Warm days and cool evenings - reminiscent of the clone's native Rhone Valley - produce the powerful and intense fruit with a sultry body that characterizes this wine, making it unlike any other Viognier.
  Maley Vineyard Zinfandel
2002 was a near-perfect season. The grapes were hand-harvested then fermented in small bins that were punched-down by hand four times per day. By aging this wine in combination of French and American oak and bottling one year after harvest, we captured the true fruit flavor of this wonderful vineyard. This juicy wine bursts with blackberry and cherry, offering a long finish with just a hint of oak. Ready to drink now, or age for two to three years.
  Sparkling Duet
This first Lodi Appellation sparkling wine was made from 68% Chardonnay and 32% Pinot noir.
The Symphony grape variety was developed in the 1940's by Dr. Olmo at U.C. Davis. He crossed a Muscat de Alexandria with a Grenache gris and came up with this new grape, unique to California, which came to be known as Symphony. Our estate grown Symphony is twenty-one years old and represents some of the first plantings of the variety in the state. Honeysuckle and orange blossom aromas come together harmoniously to create a bouquet of pure bliss. Peach and ripe melon enhance the enjoyment of the fragrance and flavor of this special expression of the Symphony grape.


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