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Stonehouse Cellars

Stonehouse Cellars Wine has fascinatingly interesting histories that span most of the history of humanity. Throughout the ages and around the world, people have been fermenting and creating wine out of a variety of fruits and vegetables, refining the process and creating purer and more delicious wines as time went on. Stonehouse Cellars is the latest iteration of this wine process, albeit one that strongly focuses on the quality of the grapes, soil, and growing process. It would be negligent to not mention its dedication to small, carefully cultivated, and perfected batches of wine that truly bring out the flavors of the grapes used and the soil it was grown in. However, where Stonehouse Cellars truly stands out amongst other high end estate wineries is that we strive to provide a unique experience not necessarily be centered around our wines but around you, our guest. Stonehouse Cellars is located in Lake County, California. While Napa and Sonoma are more famous, Lake County is the original California wine country and continues to produce some of the best wine in the world, just without the pomp and circumstance. Stonehouse Cellars is lucky to have the perfect soil for the growing of wine grapes; with three different soil types in their vineyards, ranging from white tufa in block 1, which is more commonly found in the classic wine regions in France, to the highly drained volcanic red soil typical for the Mayacamas range in block 3. These different soils, when combined with different grapes, produce noticeable differences, resulting in multidimensional, layered estate wines.


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500 Old Long Valley Road, Clearlake Oaks, CA, US, 95423 Email:
Phone: 707-998-3378 Web:
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