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Narcisi Winery

Narcisi Winery Our winery is located just 10 miles north of Pittsburgh. The winery is a family owned and operated facility. We opened for business on November 1, 2001. Free wine tasting and tours of the winery are available along with bottled wine and related gift items. A selection of about 12 varietals including dry and sweet, red and white wines along with two types of fruit wines and a blended wine compose our lineup. Bottle prices range from about 8-14 dollars with a 10% discount on cases of 12 bottles. Hours: Wed, Thurs, Fri 11-6:30 Sat 11-5 Sun 1-5.

The winery is three miles east of the intersection of Routes 8 and 910 at 4578 Gibsonia Road. We are approximately 10 miles north of Pittsburgh, or just 3 mile off the PA turnpike, Butler exit, or 3 miles east on Route 910 (Gibsonia road) from the intersection of Route 8. From I79: Exit at Route 910 Wexford; travel east on 910 to the Route 8 intersection; after passing this intersection, continue east on Route 910 (Gibsonia road) for 3 miles and you will see us on the right side. From I279: Travel north, I279 merges into I79; exit at Route 910 Wexford; drive east on 910 to the Route 8 intersection; after passing this intersection, continue east on Route 910 (Gibsonia road) for 3 miles and you will see us on the right side.

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4578 Gibsonia Road, Gibsonia, PA, US, 15044 Email:
Phone: 724-444-4744 Web:
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  Baco Noir
Crisp, light red with a citrus bouquet and sharp finish.
  Black Raspberry
Luscious fresh raspberry taste with a rich berry bouquet.
Intense blackberry aroma and flavor, soft, rich finish
  Brillante Blueberry
Strongly fresh and Robust, fruitful in taste, soothing and satisfying, ultimate in blueberries, rich over ice cream!
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Full bodied, deep ruby, soft finish, hint of oak, full berry flavor, dry.
  Catawba Pink
Fruity and fresh, sparkling pink in color, delicately sweet.
Full bodied, deep ruby, rich berry flavors with a hint of oak, smooth and dry with a silky finish.
Full bodied, dark red, fruity, complex and robust, with a hint of oak, smooth and dry.
Premium white medium bodied, complex, depth and character, hint of oak, crisp dry finish.
Medium bodied, light red luscious grape flavor and aromas.
  Deer Creek Table Wine
A blend of Chambourcin, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir, medium bodied, soft rich finish, with a touch of sweetness.
Full bodied, intense garnet color, full berry flavor, hint of ripe cherries, oak aged, with a lingering fruity finish.
Intense grapy aromas and flavor, sweet white.
Great peachy flavor and bouquet delicious and refreshing.
  Pinot Noir
Medium bodied, light red, soft rich finish with a hint of oak, undertones of cherry and strawberry, dry.
Intense fruity flavor and aromas, fresh varietal white, semi-dry.
  Rubino Red Raspberry
Extreme raspberry flavor, bold vibranat color, thick and rich body, fabulously pleasing rich berry, wonderful desert sipper, superb over ice cream!
Medium bodied, garnet color, crisp, bold and smooth, berry flavors with a smooth dry finish
Our own citrus blend, bold red with a touch of sweetness, delicately refreshing and spicy.
  Seyval Blanc
Medium bodied, crisp flavor with a touch of citrus and hint of sweetness, refreshing clean dry finish.
Rose, grapy, delicately spicy, semi-sweet.
Crisp bouquet, fully rounded and fruity with a touch of citrus.
Intense deep fruit and aromas, late harvest style wine, fermented on the skins for a smooth buttery color and finish, fresh, very rich varietal white.


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