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Hidden Lake Winery

Hidden Lake Winery Nestled in the quiet beauty of the "Silent Forest" just east of St. Louis in sleepy Aviston, Illinois lies Hidden Lake Winery. Hidden Lake welcomes visitors with a rustic banquet center, rolling vineyard, lake with gazebo, reception hall and gift shop.


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10580 Wellen Road, Aviston, IL, US, 62216 Email:
Phone: 618-228-9111 Web:
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  Adam's Apple
Intense golden delicious aroma, with a light taste helps makes this sweet table wine go well with chicken, pork and pasta
  Bluez Brothers
This sweet table wine is a luscious, smooth blend of blueberries and blackberries.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
This dry table wine is made with premium red grapes that give it an excellent blackberry taste.
This wine is a dry table wine with a tasty, fruity aroma, an oaky after-taste and a hint of vanilla and cloves.
This wine has the sweet, light flavor of cherries. It is a nice sipping wine and goes well with poultry.
  Double Decker Red
This wine is a blend of Catawba and Fredonia grape and is a rich, semi-sweet red table wine with hints of Raspberry and Cherry.
The rich full bodied berry taste of the Elderberry
This semi-sweet wine is similar to Riesling, with a light pear flavor.
  Kaskaskia Concord
Robust, grapey aroma and flavor make this sweet wine easy to drink.
  Lookingglass Blush
This wine is made from the Stueben grape and is a lush, semi-sweet table wine that enhances a variety of foods.
This dry red wine has a full , rounded, well-balanced, fruit flavor;and the rich deep aromas of cherry and raspberry make it a perfect accompaniment to beef and lamb.
This is a sweet dessert wine that has a hint a apricot.
This is an excellent example of a bright tasty Norton balanced with subtle lightly toasted American Oak
Our Port is made from the zinfandel grape which gives it an intense fruit flavor with a hint of spice. It is an excellent choice to service with gourmet chocolates.
This is a lusciously, semi-sweet table wine that enhances a variety of food.
  Silent Forest Reserve
  Sugar Creek White
Made from the Niagara grape, a sweet refreshing wine with hints of pineapple that tastes great on a hot, humid day. It pairs well with Bleu cheese
  Syrah American Oak
is is also a dry, rich red wine, but aged in American Oak Barrels that give it a slightly different taste. The aroma is reminiscent of blackberries with a slight smokey oak taste that becomes more intense as it breathes.
  Syrah French Oak
This is a dry, rich, robust red wine aged in French Oak Barrels. A hint of cherry or raspberry as the wine breathes, and intense deep fruit flavors, are enhanced with the toasty oak flavor of the barrel.


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