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Llano Estacado Winery

Llano Estacado Winery The simple mission of Llano Estacado, from its beginning in 1976 to its role as industry leader today, has been to embody the fabulous potential of Texas wines. This mission began with 1,300 cases of wine released in 1977. Today, Llano Estacado is the largest premium winery in the state of Texas, producing wines of world class quality, and taking the lead in introducing not just Texans, but the entire world, to the great wines made in Texas. Llano began as the passion of a group of Texas investors, including a Texas Tech horticulturist and chemist who believed West Texas held the potential to become a source of quality wine grapes. In the early years after the winery's founding the main difficulty was convincing local farmers to invest in vineyards. To convince the local farmers to simply experiment, Llano Estacado's original winemaking facility was constructed. The construction of the new winery worked to encourage new grape growers, and vineyards began to dot the Texas High Plains. Llano Estacado planted its first vineyard in 1978. The early 1980s were a period of expansion and experimentation at the winery. In 1980 production had quadrupled to 6,000 cases. In 1983 Llano Estacado replaced all its equipment installing state-of-the-art tanks, crushers and other equipment in order to continue to expand and make better wines. As Llano produced more and more wines, word got out around the state that a small, upstart winery in West Texas was producing quality wine. Texans took to the venture. By 1985 production had increased to 15,000 cases.

LLANO ESTACADO WINERY is located 3.2 miles East of US 87 South on FM 1585 in Lubbock, Texas

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South on Farm Road 1585, Lubbock, TX, US, 79404 Email:
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  Cellar Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
The 2005 Cellar Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Newsom Vineyard. The Newsom family vineyard is located near Plains, Texas where, at an elevation of 3,800 feet above sea level, it is the highest vineyard in the Texas High Plains American Viticulture Appellation.
  Cellar Select Cabernet Sauvignon
Cellar Select Cabernet Sauvignon is a blend of small lots of our very best Cabernet Sauvignon. Made from 100% Texas grapes, this wine features a blend of 94.2% Cabernet Sauvignon (75% Texas Hill Country, 25% Texas High Plains), Shiraz (Texas Hill Country), and 1.4% Merlot (Texas Hill Country). An excellent, medium-bodied Cabernet with flavors of black current and toasty oak, finishing with balanced tannins. Our 2001 Cellar Select Cabernet Sauvignon will continue to improve with bottle age over the next 3- 4 years.
  Cellar Select Chardonnay
The Cellar Select Chardonnay is made in small quantities with a selection of the finest Chardonnay grapes brought to the winery each vintage. This rich intensely flavored wine is typically barrel fermented, allowed to complete 100% malolactic fermentation and aged in French and American oak. Cellar Select Chardonnay is produced from grapes grown primarily within the Texas High Plains appellation. The vast majority of this wine is barrel-fermented in French and American oak barrels and allowed to go through malolactic fermentation.
  Cellar Select Merlot
Llano Estacado's Cellar Select Merlot is a rich bottle of wine displaying forward Merlot fruit such as cherry, mint, and plums. Made with the best Merlot in the cellar, this wine is one of the winery's fastest sellers. Cellar Select Merlot is a ripe, rich, smooth and supple wine. It is made after hand selecting the finest grapes of the vintage. A small amount of Carignane was blended with the Merlot to enhance flavor and body. The wine displays an excellent balance of approachable fruit and supporting tannins. Most distinctive are currant and plum flavors, rounded out with spicy oak notes in the background. We recommend serving it with pork, beef, tomato-based dishes and with chocolate deserts.
Our 2006 Chardonnay is a blend composed of 93% Chardonnay and 7% Viognier. 100% of the grapes were grown on the Mont Sec Vineyard (Far West Texas). A portion (approximately 5%) of the wine is fermented in our small French oak barrels, left in contact with primary lees (sur lie) for 120 days after fermentation. The balance of the wine (approximately 95%) being cold fermented to elevate the fruit character of the grapes. Roughly 5% of this wine (the oak portion) has completed malo-lactic fermentation further contributing to it's character and texture.
  Chenin Blanc
Llano Estacado's Chenin Blanc is produced from grapes grown exclusively on the Mont Sec Vineyard of Hudspeth County Texas. Chenin Blanc is a type that thrives here in Texas with our abundant sunshine and low relative humidity. This enjoyable well-balanced fruity table wine has ample residual sugar balanced with the natural acidity of the grape, with overtones of crisp apple and pear. Made by our cold-fermented process to lock in fruit character, this wine is best served slightly chilled with any spicy, hot Southwestern cuisine. Chenin Blanc is also a great accompaniment to fresh fruit and cheese desserts.
  Llano Estacado Chardonnay
The Llano Estacado Chardonnay is made primarily from grapes grown in the Texas High Plains appellation. Barrel fermented in French and American oak, the wine is typically rich with apple and citrus flavors. Chardonnay is a white wine that will benefit from 4-6 months of bottle aging. At the winery we have allowed 6 months of bottle aging prior to release. This wine should be a complex and enjoyable complement to any meal you pair it with. Compatible spices include saffron, dill, rosemary and marjoram.
  Merlot Cellar Reserve
Llano Estacado 2006 Cellar Reserve Merlot is a blend of 95.0% Merlot and 4.3% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Rising Star Vineyard with 0.7% Sangiovese from the Newsom Vineyard. The two vineyards are among the best in the state of Texas creating a wine that is smooth, round and delicate with a complex bouquet expressing currant and plum flavors.
  NV Blush
Blush is our most popular wine. Fresh, fruity and flavorful, this is a perfect wine for an afternoon picnic or a Texas Bar-B-Q. A perfect wine to serve chilled while at the lake or relaxing around the pool. Llano Blush is made from Zinfandel and Chenin Blanc grapes grown in West Texas and other premium American grape districts.
  NV Cabernet Shiraz
The 2006 Cabernet/Shiraz is a blend of 76% Cabernet Sauvignon and 24% Shiraz. Fine wines of similar blend proportions being produced in Australia inspire our Llano Cabernet Shiraz. Australian winemakers have led the way in developing new and interesting wines by blending varieties not traditionally combined in a blend. The Llano Cabernet-Shiraz is a blend of two varieties from two premium grape growing states; Texas (Hudspeth County) and California (Paso Robles).
  NV Gewurztraminer
Gewurztraminer is most famous in the wine growing regions of Alsace and Germany. Made in a sweeter style with balancing acidity, our High Plains Gewurztraminer is a popular example of this German varietal. Said to be the spiciest of all grape varieties, this wine becomes an excellent complement for spicy or "hot" meals such as Thai cuisine. The ample residual sugar in the wine will actually "put out the fire" on hot peppers better than any other beverage. A short supply of high quality Texas Gewurztraminer has restricted our production. In order to provide our customers with an ample supply of this popular variety, we have utilized premium grapes and juice from Texas, Washington, Oregon and the California Central Coast. Serve this wine chilled with your meal or as a dessert wine.
  NV Muscat Canelli
In the south of Italy, table wines and sparkling wines of remarkable character are produced from Muscat Canelli grapes. Llano Estacado Muscat Canelli possesses a unique orange/lemon blossom character typical of its Italian heritage. This fruity, sweet wine compliments hot or spicy Oriental foods, chicken or pasta dishes, and is especially good as an after dinner aperitif.
  NV Riesling
The Riesling grape variety produces the most distinctive wines of the Rhine and Moselle districts of Germany. Llano Estacado Johannisberg Riesling is a well-balanced wine with ample residual sugar. It complements hot spicy food as well as most Oriental meals. A short supply of high quality Texas Riesling has restricted our production. In order to provide our customers with an ample supply of this popular variety, we have utilized premium grapes and juice from Texas, Washington, and California.
  NV Sweet Red
Llano Estacado Sweet Red is a festive wine made from several grape varieties including Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. This deliciously fruity red wine displays an alluring blackberry flavor, with soft, round tannins that provide a rich mouth texture with just a hint of mint in the finish. Llano Sweet Red can be enjoyed either chilled or at room temperature. It's fresh & fruity character requires no bottle aging.
This special wine is made in the traditional Port method. Though this wine is not produced each year, when Llano Estacado does make its port, it is one of the winery's most popular releases. This wine began with harvesting mature, ripe grapes with high sugar levels. The grapes were then left to dehydrate in the sun for forty-eight hours. After fermentation ended, the wine was fortified with premium wine spirits to 19% alcohol. The Port was then aged for two years in small French and American oak barrels. The slow aging process helped marry the flavors together, producing a spectacular wine. Prune, cedar and plum flavors explode on the palate, while the aroma offers nutty, vanilla and deep ripe fruit. The winemaker recommends the wine be served with fresh fruit, ripening cheeses such as a Stilton, and with chocolate desserts.
  Sauvignon Blanc
The Llano Estacado 2006 Sauvignon Blanc is a blend of wine made from three Texas vineyards, the Mont Sec Vineyard, the Martin's Vineyard, and the Patel Vineyard. Sauvignon Blanc thrives in the intense sunshine of Far West Texas and the Texas High Plains. As a result of the cool nights, the grapes retain the acid balance necessary to produce a balanced wine of intense character. This wine hints of figs, green olives, and lemon, balanced in the mouth with a clean, crisp acid balance.
Our new red wine is made in a velvety smooth, textured, full-flavored Australian style. A special wine, an expression of its Texas influence with remarkable flavor and character.
  Signature Red
Llano Signature Red Meritage has the distinction of being the first non-California wine to have been accepted into the prestigious American Meritage Association. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, this wine has been aged in our 59-gallon American oak barrels for 11 months. Signature Red Meritage is intended to be a high value wine for those of us that appreciate wines made in the Bordeaux tradition. We believe that wine is a healthful addition to a meal or on its own. This is a soft, lush medium bodied red wine that's perfect for your next social event. Its' flavors complement a broad range of foods from Tex-Mex, Southwestern cuisine, pork tenderloin, to grilled steaks. Enjoy some tonight.
  Signature Red Meritage
In 2005, and now in 2006 we have deviated slightly from our established varietal composition of this blend. As a result the term Meritage has been removed temporarily from our label. By the addition of 7% Texas Sangiovese to our Meritage blend, we were able to correct a temporary wine shortage created by a light crop of Texas grapes. Our winemakers do not consider this as a compromise to wine quality because of the added texture and complexity the Sangiovese contributes to the blend. Our 2006 blend becomes Cabernet Sauvignon (63.2%) , Merlot (22.5%), Cabernet Franc(7.2%) and Sangiovese (7.0%). This wine has been aged in our 59-gallon oak barrels for 14-months.
  Signature Rhone
This wine exhibits the spicy flavor of our Southwest region, making it a particularly fine wine to serve with our regional foods. Try with chicken tacos, roasted sweet peppers and cumin rice, or Santa Fe-styled enchiladas with chili. This wine is quite flavorful if served at room temperature, but don't hesitate to enjoy the fruitier characteristics it exudes when chilled.
  Signature White
Signature White is a unique blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay. The wine is fruit-laden with pear, apple and citrus flavors dominating. It is fermented entirely in stainless steel and released young to accentuate the fruitiness of the wine. The Chardonnay contributes to the texture and flavor complexity in the mouth flavor of the wine. This wine is intended to be a high quality, enjoyable, well-balanced table wine with a touch of residual sugar. Made in a cold fermented fruity style, it is best served slightly chilled with any light cuisine or as a before-dinner complement to hors d'oeuvres.
Llano Estacado Viognier is made from 100% Texas grapes grown on the Mont Sec Vineyard. Viognier is recognized as a noble variety in France where it is extensively grown in the Rhone district. The Viognier grapevine has adapted well to our sun drenched Texas climate producing moderate yields of high quality grapes. Through the years, Llano Estacado Viognier has receive awards in regional, national, and international wine competitions.
Llano Estacado 2005 Zinfandel is a blend of 84% Zinfandel and 16% Sangiovese. The Zinfandel is from the Mont Sec Vineyard in Dell City, Texas and the Sangiovese is from the Newsom Vineyard near Plains, Texas. The Mont Sec vineyard is unique in that it is located on a high Chihuahuan desert plateau at 3,700 feet above sea level and the Newsom Vineyard on the Texas High Plains at 3,800 feet above sea level. Elevation is an important climate-moderating factor. At higher elevations, ambient night time temperatures are generally lower causing the vines to retain more natural acidity and produce a better balanced wine.


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