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Owl Ridge Wines

Owl Ridge Wines We chose our name and our image because of our love for owls. The Sulphur Creek Nature Center in Hayward, California is an organization that does great work in rehabilitating and releasing owls and other animals. We were there the night they released four barn owls they had rescued. It was a fantastic experience, and we were so impressed by that event and by their work that we agreed to contribute to their work. We will donate 10% of our sales made to any members, or even non-members, who would like to contribute. When you make a purchase, just call us or check the box in the shopping cart, and we will contribute 10% to this fine organization. And please visit their website to see more details about The Sulphur Creek Nature Center. We also hope this will encourage you to become a member.


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  Cabernet Sauvignon – Brigden Vineyard
This wine in many ways resembles an elegant Bordeaux blend than typical Napa/Sonoma Cabernets, even though it is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is a great balance between the two counties, bringing forward the fruit and aromas of Sonoma Cabernets while offering the dark tones and structure of some of the more balanced Napa Cabernets. While the wine is enjoyable now, we think it will cellar well for many years. To promote this long aging potential we have selected a heavy bottle and sealed it with an extremely long cork (54mm).
  Cabernet Sauvignon – T.R. Passalacqua Vineyard
This wine has come along remarkably. It is a big wine, but the last year has made this wine very drinkable. The fruit has intense berry flavors, quite different from the Brigden. We recently poured this at a major trade event and the response was remarkable. Joseph C. Otos, Winemaker
  Cabernet Sauvignon – T.R. Passalacqua Vineyard
We decided to release this wine at the same time as the 2002 vintage is still available because it is so strikingly different than the 2002 and we think that our customers will enjoy making the comparison. Joseph C. Otos, Winemaker
  Cabernet Sauvignon – Vineyard Select
This wine has hit a resonance with wine buyers. Even though it is a 2004 Cab, it drinks like a well-aged wine. This has been rewarded by an excellent collection of Best of Class and Gold Medals. Joseph C. Otos, Winemaker
  Cabernet Sauvignon (Sonoma County)
This wine displays classic Cabernet Sauvignon flavors, with rich dark fruit aromatics and lovely black fruit on the palate complemented by notes of chocolate, sage and tobacco. It is ready to drink now, with well developed tannins, but will continue to soften and develop for several more years.
  Chardonnay – Sweeney Vineyard
The Sweeney Chardonnay is a big wine with plenty of oak and buttery flavors. Because of this, it needed some bottle age. It has now come into balance and is a great Chardonnay. This wine recently won a Gold Medal at the California State Fair. Joseph C. Otos, Winemaker
  Chardonnay – Vineyard Select
Both components of this wine were proven outstanding vineyard designates, so we could have bottled them as such. However, during blending trials, we found that the combination was so astounding that we had to create the designation Vineyard Select for the 2004 Chardonnay. We decided to release it while we still had stock of the 2003 Chardonnay – Sweeney Vineyard because the characters of the two Chardonnays are so different and this creates a set of interesting choices for our customers. Joseph C. Otos, Winemaker


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