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David Hamilton Winery

David Hamilton Winery Almost everyone has someone in their family that they can remember with heartfelt gladness who made homemade wine. David Hamilton, better known to his mountain man fellows as "The Winer", brings you several modern day homemade wines of wild-picked fruits that taste like the fruits, with no added sulfites. It only takes a sip to tell if our wine will be your wine...Enjoy with good friends. Best served chilled.


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Most everyone has at some time or another picked and eaten big, juicy, ripe blackberries. Dark red in color, this whole bodied beauty comes from wild picked blackberries in the heart of the Snoqualmie Valley where they are harvested far away from dust or pollution in Western Washington. The warm after-tastes linger on the pallet well past sixty seconds. So delicious when served with natural beef or elk stew. Also quite complementary with any seasoned pasta. Medium Sweet.
  Blueberry/Wild Plum
Blueberries are organic grown combined with little wild plums of all colors we pick ourselves along the Snake River that separate Oregon from Idaho. Our whole family gets in on this occasion and our good times find themselves translated into what the majority of our customers think is our finest wine. Quite good all by itself, don't hesitate to drink it with anything you are serving from snacks to chateaubriand done to your desire over open flame. This is the one to drink with lots of good company. Sweet
  Camas Creek Elderberry
Along Camas Creek far away from the beaten path, grow the heaviest clumps of elderberries we have ever seen. Our winemaker turns fruit picker to the fullest degree. Since these healthy bushes usually grow out over the banks of creeks and rivers it is common to see David holding onto the clusters for dear life as he slides into the water below, fruit in hand, never to let go. Quite seriously, Elderberries make a deep dark red wine that addds just the right touch to that wild game or natural beef entree with a pile of asparagus to one side of those delicious herbed new red potatoes.
It is a race with the birds when the shiney little red berries ripen. In earlier times, Native Americans used them mashed into dried meat and fat. The result was nourishing and used during hunts and long journeys. When we were kids, five years old, we tried eating these right off the tree and found them so bitter it screwed up our faces, but as a wine...Ah-h-h, sweet and wild, definitely excellent with a fine dark chocolate. The color is a delicate red. An indescribable sweetness lingers on the pallet.
A 50/50 blend of Oregon Coast grown cranberries and organic grown raspberries from Washington, makes one want to raise a glass to toast a celebration. Turkey and all the fix'ens at holiday time is only part of the wonder of this great tasting sweet wine. It is as gorgeous as a jewel in color. Let this selection start a tradition with your family year after year.
  Fiddle Creek Apricot
Golden in color, this tasty medium sweet wine is made from organic apricots grown along the Salmon River by a family-owned orchard called Fiddle Creek. These folks understand how important it is to us that the fruit is picked at just the right time. Fiddle Creek Apricot is excellent with salmon or fettuccini Alfredo .... m-m-m, and garlic herbed French bread.
  Fiddle Creek Shiro Plum
Organic grown on a one family farm called Fiddle Creek Orchards, these Japanese plums are sweet and exotic. The wine is a delicate golden color with flavors that complement any seafood dish. As one would expect from anything Asian, all things tempura, rice... chopsticks... associates with the romantic taste of Shiro Plum Wine.
  Gravenstein Apple
Hood River is the location of many fine apple orchards in Oregon. The organic Gravenstein has a deep and whole-bodied flavor that makes this light sunshine colored wine so tasty. Some have said that to sip slowly while sitting by a fire in the coldest part of autumn is when it is best. But then some have said that to have it chilled, really cold, in the midst of a hot summer is where it's at. Our favorite blues singer, Doc Mongo, says that if you have it in the dead of winter, it is like having Summer in a bottle....sweet!
  Hells Canyon Wild Plum
These are the same little plums of all colors our whole family gets together to pick every August. What a discovery. We didn't know what they were the first time we spotted them along the Snake River that borders Oregon and Idaho. Folks who come by our winer y to taste say this is one of our best and it is almost always included in their purchases. Its color varies from year to year because it is a wild fruit and nature dictates how that all goes. Usually it is a clear, dark gloden sometimes-delicate reddish color. Company coming? They will really appreciate the robust flavor. Better have plenty on hand, it goes fast. A good anytime wine. Medium sweet.
  Oregon Grape
Unique. Earthy. Dark, dark red, this fruit is the state flower of Oregon. Extremely hard to pick because of holly-like leaves, yet so worth it. There is nothing sweet about this wine. It reminds one of lying on a forest duff in mid-evil times looking up through evergreens to the sky above. You can almost hear the hoof-beats of the mighty chargers as they gallup past. So appropriate with pasta, all kinds of cheeses, and elegant with prime rib of natural beef, or poultry (eaten with the fingers).
The pomegranate fruit comes from Northern California, picked when ripe and sweet. The color is a deep golden rich red. Rich, exotic, there is no mistaking what this wine is all about. This fruit is well known for its anti-oxident properties. Not only does it possess an ambiance of its own, it's good for you! Goes well with halibut and herbed chicken or just sitting out on the back step as the sun goes down. Medium sweet.
Grown in Monroe, Washington, these organic raspberries are like the ones you picked in your grandmother's back yard garden. So flavorful are they that when swirled in a large crystal clear goblet, one's senses ejoy the fullness for several minutes and then the memory of it just lingers on and on... Truly a great wine all by itself. Medium sweet.
  Rugosa Rose
Made from the petals of wild roses, the gentle pink color is just the perfect gift for the one you love. A young man once purchased a 375 ml bottle and presented it to his date. The next morning we found it returned and empty except for a $50 bill as a tip and an accompanying note of thanks. One of our customers said she didn't know whether to drink it or bathe in it... Very sweet and delicate.
  Wild Mountain Huckleberry
Our customer say this is our absolute best. Eight oz. of fruit in every bottle, Huckleberry. Very sweet. Really, need we say more?


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